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III. 2. Mathachen Paruvaparampil
Kunjamma Astamudiyil Pulliparampil Manapurath
Children: IV. 1. Daniel
2. Chackochen (Kochu Chackochen, Pathinettil)
3. Kunjadamma
4. Achamma
5. Annamma

Mathachen, the 2nd son of Kizhakeveetil Kochitty Kuruvila married Kunjamma of Astamudiyil Pulliparampil Manapurathu family. He had 2 sons, Daniel and Chackochen, and 2 daughters, Achamma and Annamma.

IV. Kunjadamma married to ? Meenatheril
IV. Annamma married to ? Karthikapally Kizhakepurath

IV. 1. Daniel
Aleyamma Kaniyanthra Pothuvath
Children: V. 1. Papachen
2. Kujukunjachen
3. Chackochen
4. Kunjamma
5. Aleykutty
Daniel, the eldest son of Paruvaparampil Mathachen, married Aleyamma of Kaniyanthra Pothuvath family. He had 2 sons, Papachen and Kujukunjachen, and 2 daughters, Kunjamma and Aleykutty.

V. 4. Kunjamma was married to ? Shankaramangalath Edavamvalil family.

V. 5. Aleykutty was married to Thukalasseril Perumpallikattu family.

V. 1. Papachen
2. Aleyamma Channamkaril Cherukattusaril
Children: VI. 1. Baby
2. Mariamma

Papachen, the eldest son of Daniel Paruvaparampil married Mariamma from Channamkeril Cherukattusseril family. They had a son, Baby, and a daughter, Mariamma.

V. 2. Mariamma married to ?

VI. I. Baby Chellamma Mavelikara
Children: Omana.
Baby and Chellamma have only one daughter Omana.

VII. Omana
Kunjumone Chempooril Vazhaparampil
Children: VIII. 1. Kochumon
2. Kochumol
Omana and Kunjumone have a son and a daughter, Kochumon and Kochumol.

V. 2. Kujukunjachen
Annamma Munjanattusseril Kavuvatta
Children: VI. 1. Georgekutty
2. Kuruvila (Kunjujutty)
3. Thomas ( Kunjommachen)
4. Pennamma
5. Kunjannamma
6. Chinnamma

Kujukunjachen, the 2nd son of Paruvaparampil Daniel Valliappan married Annamma from Munjanattusseril family in Kavuvatta. Kujukunjachen moved his residence to Kadayinikad near Manimala.

VI. 4. Pennamma married to P. M. Thomas of Paragod family.

VI. Kunjannamma married to Varghese of Punnavelil Chirakulath family.

VI. Chinnamma married to Davesia of Kanjirapalli Poovathunkal family.

VI. Georgekutty
Children: VII. 1. Kunju
2. Sathyan
3. Sajan
4. Omana
5. Saji
Kujukunjachen eldest son married Kunjamma and they have 3 sons, Kunju, Sathyan, and Sajan and 2 daughters, Omana and Saji.

VIII. 4. Omana ? Married Kumpanad
VIII. 5.Saji married Joy ?
VIII. 1. Kunju Married Sophy?
VIII. 2. Sathyan married Lizy, Ranni
VIII. 3. Sajan ?

VI. 2. Kuruvila (Kujootty)
Molly Pekkakuzhiyil Vellavoor
Children: VII. 1. Prabha
2. Prema
3. Prince
Kuruvila (Kujootty), the second son of Kujukunjachen married Molly, daughter of P.M. Mathew of Vellavoor Pekkakuzhiyil family. Kujootty is one of the early leaders of the Communist Party of India. He has held public offices as Vellavoor panchayat president, President of Vellavoor cooperative society, C.P.I. jilla executive member, and kisan sabha ntional committee member. His wife Molly is a school teacher. They have 2 daughters, Prabha and Prema, and a son Prince.

VII. 1. Prabha is married to Thomas Mattathil Kanjamkod family.

VII. 2. Prema M.A. is married to V. K. Elthose of Rajakumaryil Valyasra family.

VII. 3. Price
Shija Thekkanath
Children: VIII. Prenaiy
Price, the only son of Kujootty married Shija, daughter of Poulose of Thekkanath family. They have one son, Prenaiy.

VI. 3. Thomas ( Kunjommachen)
Kunjamma Vattasseril
Children: VII. 1. Shoba
2. Shila
3. Priya
Kunjommachen and Kunjamma have 3 daughters.
VII. 1. Shoba married ?Kozhivalloor.

VII. 2. Shila is married to Wilson of Ulloorickel family.
She is sports star who has won several statewide completions. She is one of the 4 sports stars from Kerala sponsored by Myalayala Manorama for advanced training.

VIII. 2. Priya, the youngest daughter is a student.

V. 3. Chackochen
Sosamma Ittiyamparampil, Pulikiezh
Children: VI. 1. Georgekutty
2. Thampi
3. Achenkunju
4. Sunny
5. Lalu
6. Ammini
7. Kunjamma
8. Annamma

Chackochen, the 3rd son of Daniel Valliappan, married Sosamma from Pulikiezh Ittiamparampil family. They have 5 sons, Georgekutty, Thampi, Achenkunju, Sunny, Lalu, and 3 daughters, Ammini, Kunjamma, and Annamma.

VI. 6. Ammini married to Verghese Vengal

VII. 7. Kunjamma married to Philipose of Kandathil Monoth family.

VII. 8. Annamma married to Mathew ( Trivandrum)

VI. 1. Georgekutty
Chellamma Elanthoor
Children: VII. 1. Kunju
2. Ospon
3. Blossom
Georgekutty, the eldest son of Chackochen married Chellamma from Elanthoor. They have 2 sons, Kunju and Ospon, and a daughter, Blossom.

VII. 3.Blosm married ? lives in America,

VII. 1. Kunju
Susan Kovoor, Vallamkualam
Children: VIII.

Kunju married Susan from Vallamkualam Kovoor family and they live in USA.

VII. 2. Ospon
Elsy Thumpon
Children: VIII.
Ospon married Elsy from Thumpon and their children live in USA.

VI. 1. Thampi (P.C. Varkey)
Kunjumol, Pullad Madolil
Children: VII. 1. Jacob
3. Premela
Thampi, the eldest son of Chackochen is married to Kunjumol of Pullad Madolil family. They have one son, Jacob and 2 daughters, Preethi and Premela.
Thampi lives in Koorge and is a well known in agriculture. He has a has large coffee and pepper plantations. He is a recipient of the most coveted Karshakasree award for the best land cultivator of the year. He also known by the name piper Varkey.

VII. 2. Preethi is married to Babu of Eraviparoor Plakizh Malayil family

VII. 3. Premela is married to Thankachen of Arattupuzha Plavilakandathil family.

VII. 1. Jacob is married to Mini from Arattupuzha Plavilakandathil house.
Jacob works with his father in the estate.

VI. 3. Achenkunju ( Kuruvila Chacko)
Chinnamma, Thaikadavil Malayampallil
Children: VII. 1. Gigi ( Jacob Kuruvila)
2. Giki Kuruvila
3. Gibu Kuruvila
Achenkunju, the 3rd son of Chackochen married Chinnamma, daughter of Verghese of Thaikadavil Malayampallil family, Pulikiezh. They have 3 sons, Gigi, Giki, and Gibu. Achenkunju is a superintend in a private estate.

VII. 1. Gigi( Jacob Kuruvila)
Jessy Koyickel, Haripad
Children: VIII. Githin Jacob
Gigi married Jessy, the daughter of Thankachen of Koyickel family, Haripad. They have one son, Githin. Giji works in Gulf.
Jessy runs the Emarald beauty parlor.

VII. Giki Kuruvila
Rena, Chakalayil, Malayil
Children: VIII. 1. Jasmine
2. Jaison
Giki married Rena, daughter of Thankachen of Chakalayil Malayil family in Thalavady. They have a daughter, jasmine. Gili works for the Dutch Airlines.

VII. 3. Gibu works in the estate.

VI. 4. Sunny (P.C. Samuel)
Ponnamma, Nilamvila Puthenveetil, Kottarakara.
Children: VII. 1. Preethi
2. Princy
3. Pushpa
Sunny, the 4th son of Chackochen married Ponnamma, the daughter of Yohannan of Kottarakara Nilamviala Puthenveetil family. They have 3 daughters, Preethi, Princy, and Pushpa.

VIII. Preethi is married to T.T. Thomas of Vallakalil house.

VI. 5. Lalu Chacko
Jolly Mulamkattil Thoppil
Children: VII. 1. Menu
2. Neenu
Lalu, the 5th son of Chackochen, married Jolly, daughter of Verghese of Chegannoor Mulamkattil Thoppil family. They have 2 daughters, Menu and Neenu.
Lalu is settled in Kallissery. He presently works in Gulf.

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