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Chathanthra Branch

Mathukunju and Chathanthra Branch
Mathukunju 3.((1931-19010 Mathenkunju (1831-1901)
Achiyamma, Puthenkavil)
Children: IV.
1. Annamma
2.Unnoonni ( Kuruvila Cherian)
3.Kochappy ( Kuruvila Kunju Cherian)
4. Avarachen ( Chathnthra Fr. Abraham)
5. Chackochen (Mundakathil)
6. Kunjannamma
7. Kunjaccamma
Mathukunju Valliappan, the second son and the ancestor of the Chathanthra branch was born in 1831 and died in 1901. He played a prominent role in the Synod of Mulamthuruthy Synod held in 1876 called by Patriarch Peter III of Antioch.
As his older brother Moothakunju died at 36, Mathukunju took care of his brother s properties also. Like his father, Mathukunju also was very industrious and had several workers from all sections of the society.
Mathukunju married Mariamma from Kottayam Chakalayil family and they had one daughter, Annamma in the marriage.

IV.1. Annamma was married to Aviott Achen from Kottarakara.

After the death of Mariamma, Mathukunju married Achiyamma from Puthenkavil Puthenveetil Aazhikkakathu.
In the second marriage, Mathukunju had 4 sons, Kuruvila Cherian (Unnoonni), Kuruvila KunjuOommen (Kochappy), Avarachen ( Chathanthra Achen Rev. Fr. Abraham), and Chackochen ( Mundakathil)and 3 daughters, Kunjannamma, Kunjaccamma, and Unnoonniyamma.

IV. 6. Kunjannamma (b 1877)was married to Eapen Panicker of Kalluppara Adagapurathu.

IV.7. Kunjaccamma (b 1879) of was married to Oommachen of Muttar Pulikikalthil house.

IV. 8. Unnoonniyamma (b 1881) was married to Mani of Kottayam Valanjattil family.

IV. Unnoonni (B. 1869)
Aleyamma, Akkara
Children: V.
1. Saramma
4. Kunjannamma
6. Unnoonniyamma
8. Papachen
9. Kochappy
Unnoonni (b1869) the eldest son married Aleyamma, the daughter of Akkara Kunju from Kottayam Akkara family.

They had 6 daughters and 2 sons in that marriage

. V. 1. Saramma was married to Mathukutty Kayamkulam Odacheril

V.2. Sosamma was married to Advocate Joseph Thumpamon Pallivathukal
5 Mariamma was married to Kochupappi Mavelikara Banglavil.
V.3. Kunjannamma was married to Pothachen from Kottayam Vanjithattil family.
V. 4. Accamma was married to Abraham Pulikiezh Thaikadavil.
V.4. Unnoonniyamma (Died young)
V. 8. Papachen
Mariamma, Poovathur
Children: VI.
1. Baby
2. Chackochen
Pappachen, the eldest son of Unnoonni Valiappan, married Mariamma Poovathur family in Chegannoor. They have 2 sons, Baby and Chackochen, and a daughter, Kochu.
VI. Kochu ( Aleyamma) was married to Babu (M.O. Kuruvila) of Thalavady Mamootil.(she has two sons and one daughter,her husband and one son are added to heaven)
VI. 1. Baby
Children: VII.
1. Joy
2. Premi
3. Mathukutty
4. Kochumon
5 Baby (P.K. Cherian) married Ponnamma of Ayurporickel Ponnamma.
They have 2 daughters, Joy, and Premi, and 2 sons, Mathukutty and Kochumon ( Linu P. Cherian).
VII. 1. Joy is married to Very Rev Fr. Baby John of Kaninatti Ikkattutharayil family . She has 2 sons.
VII. 2. Premi is married to K. K. Mathew Panicker 0f Kundara Maranad Kuzhikkel Azhiyathu family. She has a son and a daughter
VII. 3. Mathukutty
Child: VIII. Nithin
VII. 3. Mathukutty (Mathew P Cherian) is married to Reni from Nagerkovil Karippalil family. Mathukutty is a charted accountant and presently works in an insurance company in Dubai. Nithin Mathew is their son.
4. Kochumon (Linu P Cherian)
Child VIII. Anna
Kochumon (Linu P Cherian)is married to Gijina from Kadavara family Plappally,Kottarakkara. Kochumon is doing own business at Kundra. Anna is their Daughter

VI. 2. Chackochen (P K Chacko)
Children: VII.
1. Rinu
2. Rajeev
3. Reena
Chackochen, the 2nd son of Pappachen is married to Marykutty of Maramon Madolil (Pullavalil) family. They have 2 sons, Rinu and Rajeev one daughter Reena (Both Chackochen& Marykutty entered the kingdom of God in the year 2007)
VII. 3. Rena is a staff nurse in St. Stephen s Hospital, New Delhi; she is married to Thomas P Chacko of Plamthottathil family Valakkuzhy.
VII. 1. Rinu
Children VIII
1. Rijin (Son)
2. Rijeena (Daughter)
Rinu has Masters Degree in Business Administration and diploma in journalism/ Sales &Marketing. He works for a private firm. He is married to Biji of Mavelil family, Kaviyoor .they have a son & a daughter.
VII. 2. Rajeev
Child VIII. Reba (daughter)
Rajeev has completed hotel management course and working. He is married to Bessy of Malayil family Kallooppara.they have a daughter

V. 9. Kochappy
Children: VI.
1. Kunju
2. Raju
3, Lizzykutty
Kochappy ( Cherian George), the second son of Unnoonni married Mariamma from Thazhathu Ikkara Nalpathil. They have a daughter, Lizykutty and 2 sons, Kunju ( P.G. Cherian) and Raju ( C.G. Mathew).
VI. 3. Lizykutty married Thukalan Kochukurup of Mulamthuruthy Pullukad family.
VI. 1. P.G. Cherian (Kunju) 1924-1980
Ammini Theveril
Children: VII.
1. Cicily
2. Shirly
3. Alice
4. Anu
5. Georgy
Kunju married Ammini from Viyapuram Pullipadavil Thevaril family. He was a KLDC contractor. He died in 1980 at the age of 56.
Kunju has 4 daughters, Cicily, Shirly, Alice, and Anu and a son, Georgy.
VII. 1. Cicily married Kunjumone Kaipattor Valiaveetil. ( K.S. Daniel, B.Sc. B.Ed.) He retired as Kaipattoor Government High School headmaster.
VII. 2. Shirly married Thevalakara Mathew Vaidyan (Joy)
VII. 3. Alice married Adoor Edavampoykayil Oommen Philip (Raju)
VII. 4. Anu married Punnose George of Vakathanam Ennasseril Karukulath family.
VII. 5. Georgi
Children: Jisha
: Nisha

Georgy, the only son of Kunju married Reni (Raimol) daughter of Dr. A.V. George of Chathannoor Aluvilayil family.Georgy. Works for the Saudi Arabia oil company, Arab Drill. He has 2 daughters Shiva.
VI. 2. Raju
Children: VII.
1. Merlin, 2. Merina, 3. Mercy 4. Joji
Raju ( C.G. Mathew) the 2nd son of Kochappy married Chellamma, Avarachen of Kumarakom Kattathara family. Rahu has been living in Singapore for many years.They have 3 daughters, Merlin, Merina, and Mercy, and a son, Joji.
VII. 1. Merlin is married to Mezhuvali Thadathil Thampan ( T.K. Thomas).
VII. 2. Merina is married to Rev. Nathaniel of Chicago.
VII. 3. Mercy is married to Sam.
VII. 3. Joji, the only son of Raju is a medical student in Manipal.

IV. 2. Kuruvila Kunju Oommen
Kujannamma. Kadavathummuruyil
Children: V. Annamma
Kuruvilakunju Oommen ( Kochappy) the 2nd son of 3 Mathukunju Chathanthra 1871- 1897
Kochappy married Kunjannamma of Vennikulam Kaduvathummuriyil family.
6 Annamma, their only daughter was married Papachen of Kottayam Poonithara family.
IV. 3.Avarachen ( Chathanthra Fr. P.M. Abraham)
Aleyamma, Poyalail
Children: V.
1. Baby
2. Kunjukunju
3. Aleykuttty
4. Dr. Kunjamma
5. Marikuty
6. Thankamma
Avarachen ( Rev. Fr. Abraham), the 3rd son of Mathukunju Chathanthra,.
Fr, Abraham married Aleyamma of Kozhenchery Poiyalil family. They have 2 sons, P. A. Mathew (Baby) and P.A. George (Kunjukunju), and 4 daughters, Kunjamma, Marikutty, Aleykutty, and Thankamma.
V. 4.Kunjamma is physician. She married K. T,. Zachariah of Puthupally Kuzhiyaditha family.
V. 5. Marikutty married C.M. Joseph of Mavelikara Karuthedathu family.
V. 3. Aleykutty married Kunjukunju of Channakeril Pupallil family.
V. 6. Thankamma Chathanthra married Mathukutty Vennikulam Manjalore family.
.V.1. Baby (P.A. Mathew)
Marikutty, Kollemkeril
Children: VII. 1. Molly
2. Moni
3. Mohan
P.A. Mathew, (Babychayan) graduated in 1936 and joined the Indian Customs department. He was an honest efficient officer and he served in Madras, Delhi, and Bangalore and retired as Customs Collector in 1969. He spent his remaining years in Aymanam, died and buried in St. Johns Church Mepral.
Babychayan was married to Marikutty of Kottayam Kollamkeril family.
.They have 2 daughters, Molly and Moni, and a son Mohan.
4 Molly married Dr. George Kuruvilla of Pulikiezh Pandampadavil family.
7 Moni ( Mary Cherian) is a professor in Chegannoor Christian college. She is married to Prof. Cherian George ( Joy) Thumpamon Vadakedath family. Joy is a professor in Pathanamthitta Catholicate College and did his postgraduate studies in anesthesiology in Vellore Christian
VI. 3. Mohan (Dr. Mohan Mathew)
Shina, Konat
Children: VII 2 Daughters
Mohan ( Dr. Mohan Mathew).
Mohan is a graduate of Kottayam Medical College and he did his postgraduate studies in anesthesiology on Vellore Christian Medical College. He worked for several years in Kolaencherry medical Mission hospital and Doha Emirate hospital. He is the chief of anesthesiology in P.M.V Hospital, Vernacular. He is one of the directors of LakeShore Hospital Eranakulam.He is good hockey player also.Mohan is married to Shina, the daughter of Konat Abraham Malpan.
V. 2. P.I. George ( Kunjukunju)
Dr. Saramma
Children: VI. 1. Alice 2. Saly 3. Nisy , 4. Siby
Kunjuchayan, the second son of Fr. Abraham, after graduation joined the Indian income tax service. As brilliant officer he was highly regarded. He served as income tax officer in many districts. After retirement in 1973, he continued his private practice in Kottayam. Presently he leads a retirement life in Mepral.He is married to Dr. Saramma, daughter of W.I. Cherian, Wattasseril. She a dentist by profession.
P.I. George has 3 daughters, Alice, Saly and Nisy, and a son Siby.
VI. 1. Alice married K.M. Eapen of Mavelikara Puthumadathil Kandathil house. He is the senior manager of the cashew development corporation in Kollam.
VI. 2. Sali married to K.T. George of Pukadiyil family. George is the managing director of Chemical Ltd., Mavelikara and Sali is a zoology professor in Thiruvella Marthoma College.
VI. 3. Sissy is married to Roy Mathew Muthoottu, Kozhenchery. Roy is successful planter and owns several theatres in Trivandrum.
VI. 3. Siby ( Abraham P. George)
Children: VII. 1. Sarah 2. Sandra 3.Stepanos
Siby is the only son of P.A. George. In 1984 he acquired the CA (charted accountant degree with distinction and he is practicing in Mumbai as appellate judge in Income Tax Department. He also took his LLB degree from MG university with first rank in 1997. He has written several articles in financial magazines like Economic Times and the journal of the Charted Accountants of India. Ciby is married to Saly, the daughter of Joseph of Chelad Neendukunnel family. They have 2 daughters, Sarah, and Sandra, and a son, Stephanos.
IV. 5. Kochu Chakochen ( Jacob Mathew), Mundakathil
Annamma, Poovemvelil
Children: V. 1. Thankamma
2. Ammini
4 Jacob Mathew ( Kochu Chackochen, Mudakathil)
Kochu Chackochen, commonly called Mundakathil Appapan is the 3rd son of Chathanthra Mathukunju.
He was one of the most loving and affectionate people our grandfathers generation I can think of.
Kochu Chackochen married Annamma of Niranam Poovanvelil family.They had only 2 daughters, Thankamma and Ammini.
V. 1. Thankamma married Johnnykutty from Thottakad Olikara family.
V. 2. Ammini married K.C. Mathaichen of Kalluppara Kottackel family. Mathaichen is an electrical engineer. They have 3 sons, Kunjukunju, Kochumon and Georgy, and 2 daughters, Kunju Mariamma and Thankam. Kunju Mariamma is in United States

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