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II. 5. Kizhakeveetil ( Elaviralil) Kochitty Kuruvila (Kochujachen) b 1819
Achamma Manimala Karikattoor Kulathoor
? Adoor Nellimootil
Children: III. 1. Kuruvila (Plakad Manimala)
2. Mathachen (Paruvaparampil)
3. Eapachen (Poikat)
4. Oommachen (Kizhakeveetil)
5. Annamma Kuruvianakunnel
6. Kochitty Kuruvila Elaviralil
7. Cheriankunju Palampallam
8. Chackochen Nenchemkandam
9. Kunjadamma Kaiyalakakath
10. Mariamma Palakunnel Koothrapallil

Kizhakeveetil Kochitty Kuruvila was the 4th son of Judgi Valliappan. He was very handsome, healthy, and sharp witted. He was send with his elder sister for education after the death of his mother. He later married Achamma of Manimala Karikattoor Kulathoor family. She was related to his brother-in-law.
When Kizhakeveetil Valliappan married Achamma was the only child to her parents and she was to inherit all her father s wealth. But after her marriage, her parents had another son born. There is a story that Achamma s father one day came to Judge Valliappan and confessed that he is sorry that he can not give all wealth to Achamma as he has now a son. Judgi Valliappan consoled him and told him not to worry about Achamma s inheritance as great-grandpa had made enough wealth for all his children. Still Achamma received half of his father s wealth in Manimala. Kizhakeveetil Valliappan continued to live in Mepral.
His first 5 children, Kuruvila, Mathachen, Eapachen, Oommachen, and Annamma were born to Achamma.

After the death of Achamma, Kizhakeveetil Valliappan married from Adoor Nellimootil Thekaveetil family. His second wife was the sister of Ponnachen Muthalali and also the younger sister of his elder brother Cherian s wife Annamma.
III. 1. Kuruvila, the first son of Kizhakeveetil Valliappan is the ancestor of the Manimala Plakad branch of the Poothicote family.

III. 2. Mathachen, the second son is the founder of the Paruvaparampil branch.

III. 3. Eapachen is the founder of Poikat branch.

III. 4. Oommachen is the founder of the present Kizhakeveetil branch.

IV. 5. Annamma was married to Mathachen of Palai Kuruvinakunnel family.

After his 2nd marriage, Kizhakeveetil Valliappan moved to the newly built Elaviralil house.
III. 6.Elaviralil Kochitty Kuruvila, the first son in the 2nd marriage, is the ancestor of the Elaviralil branch.

III. 7. Cheriankunju is the founder of Palampallam branch.

III. 8. Chackochen is the founder of Nenchemkandam branch.

III. 9. Kunjadamma was married to Kaiyalakakathu family of Karthikapally.

III. 10. Mariamma, the youngest daughter of Kizhakeveetil Valliappan was married to Joseph Vakil of Palakunnathu. Joseph Vakil was a famous lawyer of the period.

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