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III. 8. Chackochen Nenchemkandam
Achiyamma Kaniyanthra Thazhathu
Children: IV. 1. Avarachen (P.C. Abraham)
2. Kunjukunju (P.C. George)
3. Unnoonniyamma
4. Kuttyamma
5. Kunjamma
6. Saramma
7. Annamma
8. Pennamma

Chackochen was the youngest son of Kizhakeveetil Kochitty Kuruvila Valliappan. He married Achiyamma from Kaniyanthra Thazhathu family in Puthupally. This Achiyamma was the younger sister of the wife Very Rev. Cherian Thomas Cor-episcopa of poothicote Puthenpurackel.
IV. 3. Unnoonniyamma was married to Unnoonni of Niranam Thayanaril family.

IV. 4. Kuttyamma was married to Varkeyachen of Champakulam Mundackel family.

IV. 5.Kunjamma married to Unnoonni of Viyapuram Ottavelil Pullipadavil family

IV. 6. Saramma was married to Joseph of Vengal Cheparathimootil family.

IV. 7. Annamma was married to Mathaichen of Karuvata Kalapurackel family.

IV. 8 .Pennamma was married to Kunjachen of Nedugadapally.

IV. 1. Avarachen (P.C. Abraham)
Thankamma, Kaithayil, Kottayam

Children: V. !. Papachen
2. Gracy
3. Kunjujamma
Avarachen, the eldest son of Nenchenkandathil Chackochen Valliappan was married to Thankamma, daughter of Kurien Vakil of Kottayam Kaithayil family. They had one son, Papachen, and 2 daughters, Gracy and Kunjujamma.

V. 2. Gracy married and settled in Singapore.

V.3. Kunjujamma was married in Tholassery.

V. 1. Papachen married Thankamma Kozhiyadiyil Kozhykunneth family in Omallore. Both of them were in Singapore for several years.
They did not have any children.

IV. 2. Kunjukunju (Dr. P.C. George)
Sosamma Chakalaparampil
Children: V. 1. Unnoonni ( P.G. Jacob)
2. Kochu Kochu (Dr. P.G. Abraham)
3. Thankamma
4. Chinnamma
5. Sosakutty
Kunjukunju, the second son of Nenchenkandathil Chackochen Valliappan was married to Sosamma of Kottayam Chakalaparampil family. They had 2 sons, Unnoonni and Kochu Kochu, and 3 daughters, Thankamma, Chinnamma, and Sosakutty.
(Kunjukunju was a homeopathy physician.
V. 3. Thankamma married to Gheevareechen of Thamaravelil Chalakuzhy family.

V. 4. Chinnamma married to Baby of Mallapally Kaithakuzhy family.

V. 5. Sosakutty married to Kochukunju of Kallumkal Neduvaliparampil family.
V. 1. Unnoonni ( P. G. Jacob) b. 1931
Kunjujamma, Kadapamkeril, Niranam
Children: VI. 1. Gigi
2. Unnoonniyamma
3. Susamma
4. Kunjannamma
Unnoonni, the eldest son of Nenchenkandathil Kunjukunju married Kunjujamma of Niranam Kadapamkeril Kumpalath family. They have one son ,Gigi, and 3 daughters, Unnoonniyamma, Susamma, and Kunjannamma.
Unnoonni was a teacher in St. Johns Middle School since 1951 and he was headmaster for 6 years. He was also Sunday school headmaster at St. Johns Church for several years. He served our family as Poothicote Kudumbayogam secretary for 3 years. Kunjujamma has been active in Martha Mariam samagam of the church.

VI. 2. Unnoonniyamma is married to Sheri Pulliyat Kaniyanthra family. Sheri is the son of Pulliyat Philipose and Poothicote Athikanadil Annamma.

VI.3. Susamma is married to Thampi ( Mathew Philip Tharakan) of Kottayam lasha Kalapurackel family.

VI. 4. Kunjannamma is married to Tommy (Tommy T. Moolayil) of Kozhenchery Moolayil

VI. 1. Giji
Lemol, Maganam, Pullapally
Children: VII. 1. Giju G. poothicote Nangenkandam
2. Jiya Jacob Nangenkandam
Giji, the only son of Unnoonni is married to Lemol, daughter of Thankachen of Maganam Pullapally Kalampukatt family They have a son, Giju, and a daughter, Jiya.

V. 2. Kochu ( P.G. Abraham)
Ammini, Vennikulam, Kacharackel Koyikal
Children: VI. 1. Soma
2. Roy
3. Shaji
Kochu married Ammini daughter of Dr. K.V. George of Vennikulam Kacharackel Koyikal family. They have a daughter, Soma, and 2 sons, Roy and Shaji. Kochu is a well known dentist running the St. Mary s dental clinic in Kavumbhagam.

VI. 1 Soma, M.A. B. Ed. is married to Ani ( Philip David) of Ayiroor Chempothra family. They are in Gulf at present.

VI. Roy
Children: 1. Neena
2. Ashely
Roy married Mini of Chukathil family. They have 2 daughters, Neena and Ashley.
They are in USA.

VI. Shaji
Children: Sinu P. Shaji
Shaji (Shaji P. Abraham) married Reni B.Sc. (Nursing) from Thumpon Ellicott family. Shaji is a dental technician and he and his wife are in Gulf at present.

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