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III.5. Kunjoyichen, Maneku
Mariamma, Manalil, Thiruvella
Children: IV. 1. Unnoonni Kunju
2. Papachen
3. Kunjujamma
4. Annamma
Kunjoyichen was the 5th son of Elanjimootil KochitiKuruvila. He married Mariamma from Thiruvella Manalil family. They had 2 sons, Unnoonni Kunju and Papachen, and 2 daughters, Kunjujamma and Annamma.

IV. 3. Kunjujamma married to Oommen of Kumpanad Kalamannil Kiliyampilackel family. Kollam district judge George Oommen is her grandson.

IV. 4. Annamma married Kochu of Pala Vattavayalil family.

IV. 1. Unnoonni Kunju
Children: V. 1. Kunjamma (Mary Kuruvila)
2. Ponnamma
3. Chinnamma
4. Kunju
Unnoonnikunju was public figure and active in community affairs and in the church. He married Pennukunju from Punnavayalil Kuttichira family. They had 3 daughters, Kunjamma, Ponnamma, and Chinnamma and a son, Kunju. Ponnamma and Chinnamma are twins. Pennukunju died early and Unnoonnikunju was a widower for several years.
V. 1. Kunjamma married John of Kottarakara Kizhakatheruvil Nellimukalil family.

V. 2. Ponnamma married K.C. Oommen (Joy) Panikaruveetil family, Kavumbhagam. Oommen retired as superintend in the electricity board.

V.3. Chinnamma married Johnny of Niranam Pallichira family. Johnny was working in the Port Trust ,Magalapuram. Chinnamma retired as a headmistress in Magalapuram.

V. 4. Kunju
Kunjumol (Mariamma)
Children: VI. 1. Anish K. Poothicote
2. Nisha
Kunju, the only son of Manek Unnoonnikunju married Kunjumol, daughter of Mathai of Kalluppara Kottackel Edayadiyil family. They have a son, Anish, and a daughter, Nisha.
Kunju is working in Gulf.

VI. 1. Anish runs his own business of computer sales and service.

IV. 2. Papachen
Thankamma Velamparampil
Children: V. 1. Bijili
2. Elgy
3. Pansly
4. Philip
Papachen, the 2nd son of Manek Kunjoyichen Valliappan, married Thankamma of Anglithanam Velamparampil family. They have 2 daughters, Bijili, and Elgy, and 2 sons, Pansly and Phil.
Papachen was in the Indian army after retirement he was living in Mepral when he died.

V. 1. Bijili married Thomachen Vakathanam Vettiyil family.

V. 2. Elgy married Cherian Abraham.

V. 3. Pansly
Beena Kannukuzhyil
Children: VI. 1. Ajith
2. Ashokan
Pansly, the eldest son of Manek Papachen married Beena from Kottayam Kunnukuzhiyil family. They have 2 sons, Ajith and Ashokan.
Pansly is an exchange manager in Rasal Kaima in U.A.E.

V. 4. Philip Varkey M.Com.
Children: VI. 1. Susan
2. Georgy
Philip, the 2nd son of Manek Papachen married Rena, daughter of Jacobkutty of Kottayam Kaithayil family. They have a daughter, Susan, and a son, Georgy.

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