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Children: IV. 1. Thankachen (Kuruvila)
2. Kunjadamma
Elaviralil Kochitty Kuruvila is the first son in the 2nd marriage of Kizhakeveetil Valliappan. After the 2nd marriage Valliappan moved to the Elaviralil house.
8 2. Kunjadamma was married to Pappy Panicker of Kalluppara Adagapurathu family.

IV. 2. Thankachen Elaviralil
Achamma Pupallil
Children: V. 1. Kunjukunju (P.K. George)
2. Unnikunju (P.K. Joseph)
Thankachen was a very prominent leader of the church and was a member of the Malankara Association (Patriarchal side). All metropolitans of the Patriarchal side, especially Poulose Mor Athanacius and Michael Mor Deaneries were very close to him. He contributed large sums of money for the church.
Thankachen was a great lover of boat races. His racing boat Delhi was very famous and has won several boat races including the Alleppey Nehru Trophy. Elaviralil family still has this boat.

V. 1. Kunjukunju Elaviralil (P.K. George)
Akka, Punnachira, Kottayam
Children: VI. 1. Babu (Kuruvila)
2. Cicily
3. Valsamma
4. Jacob (Moncy)
Unnikunju was also very active in church activities. He was also a managing committee member of the Patriarchal side. Kunju married Akkal from Kottayam Punnachira family. They have 2 sons, Babu and Moncy, and 2 daughters, Cicily and Valsamma.

VI. 2. Cicily is married to Kunjumone, son of C.A. Abraham, Kozhenchery Mulamootil family. Kunjumone is a planter in Kulassegharam.

VI. 3. Valsamma married to Dr. George Thomas of Elanjikal family, Kattanam. Dr. George Thomas has passed away.

VI. 1. Babu
Kunjumol, Ranni Aruvickal
Children: VII. 1. Manoj
2. Meena
Babu (George P. Kur4uvila) married Kunjumol, daughter of Simon of Ranni Aruvickel family. They have a son, Manoj, and a daughter, Meena.

VI. 4. Moncy (Jacob)
Lalitha, Modayil, Karukachal
Children: VII. 1. Neethu Jacob
2. Renku Jacob

Moncy married Lalitha, daughter of K.C. Philip of Karukachal Modayil family. They had 2 daughters, Neethu and Rinku. Neethu died young.
Moncy died in 1995 at the age of 41.

V. 2. Unnikunju (P.K. Joseph) Elaviralil
Aleyamma Vettithra Kuzhikandathil
Children: VI. 1. P.J. Kuriakose
2. Achamma Jacob
Unnikunju, the 2nd son of Elaviralil Thankachen married Aleyamma of Vattithra Kuzhikandathil family. They have a son, Kuriakose and a daughter, Achamma.

VI. 2. Achamma M.Sc. is married to engineer Jacob Thomas of Pallom Edathumpadickel Kiliparampil family. Jacob Thomas is an engineer at Malayala Manorama, Kottayam.

VI. 1 Kuriakose Elaviralil (P.J. Kuriakose)
Sunitha Pathammuttom Ennasharil
Children: VII. 1. Shruthi Liz Kuriakose
2. Laya Liz Kuriakose
Kuriakose, the only son of Unnikunju Elaviralil married Sunitha, daughter of K. George of Pathanamuttom Ennasseril Ennakavil family.

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