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Pope John Paul 2nd and Patriarch of Antioch Ignatius Sakka 1st through joint declaration in June 1984 lamented the division that arose between their two Churches over the centuries, and re-established limited communion in Holy Sacraments. I will remember with gratitude the affection of His Holiness, the Patriarch showed to POOTHICOTE family in inviting Dr.Roy to witness the historic occasion when the Pope and the Patriarch worshiped together for the first time at the ancient Patriarchal Cathedral in Damascus, Syria in May of 2001. On that day Dr Roy was one of the very few who had the privilege to kiss the hands of both the Holy Fathers sitting side by side at the altar of the church, ending a Christological controversy which lasted over a millennium. These Christological controversies have influenced and shaped the course of our POOTHICOTE family history also

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