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II. 6. Kuruvila Kunjachonda
Accamma, Kanyil, Kayamkulam
Children: III. 1. Kuruvila (Kunju)

How name Medayil came?
Kunjachonda was the 5th son of Judgi Valliappan. It was after his birth Judge great-grandpa moved to his new house In Moonnamadham. All properties acquired later were in Kunjachonda s name. After his primary education in Mepral, Judge great-grandpa sent Kunjachonda for English education in C.N.I. school in Chalukunnu, Kottayam, run by English CMS missionaries. Kunjachonda studied English as well as Bible. He was very religious and devotional from early childhood.
After he returned after education, he used to go from house to house with a group and deliver the message of the gospel and help the needy.
There is the story that when one day he woke up from the sleep, a dead cobra snake under his bed. It never harmed him though he may have lied over the top of the most poisonous snake.

13 2. Sosamma was married to Eipe Vakil of Thiruvella Kovoor family.

14 3 . Rebeccamma was married to Judge Jacob of Kottayam Mattithra family.

III. 4. Kochachiyamma, the youngest daughter of Medayil Kunjachonda was married to Koshy Chandy of Aymanam Mattithra family.

III. 1. Kunju ( Kuruvila), Medayil
Wife: Achy Polachirakal
Children: IV.

IV. Kochupappi
Mariamma, Valakuzhiyil
Aleyamma. Kannamkot Padijarethil
Children: V. 1. Kochachiyamma
2. Kochaliamma
3. Kochubaby ( Dr. George Kuruvila)
4.Eipachen ( George Eipe)
Oommachen ( George Oommen)
6. Kunjamma
7. Becky
8. Thankamma
Kochupappi was also religious and devotional like his father and grandfather. He married Mariamma of Valakuzhiyil family. They had 3 sons, Kochubaby, Eipachen, and Oommachen, and 3 daughters, Kochachiyamma, Kunjaliamma, and Kunjamma were born to her. After her death, Kochupappi married Aleyamma of Kannamkot Padijarethil family. Becky and Thankamma were born in the second marriage.
V. 4. Kochachiyamma was married to Chackochen of Maramon Palakunnathu family.

V. 5. Kochaliamma remained unmarried and continued gospel and charitable work till she died at an advanced age.

V. 6.Kunjamma was married to Dr. K I Kurien, Pulayampallil, Aymanam Kottayam.

V. 7. Becky was married to Unnoonni of Aymanam Kollumkeril family.

V.8. Thankamma was married to Professor James Verghese, Trichur.

V. 1. Kochubaby ( Dr. George Kuruvila )
Ammini, Kaniyanthra Vadakevalyil
Children: VI. 1. Georgekutty
2. Binoy/ Kochukunju (Dr. Thomas Kuruvila)
3. Appu
4. Dr. Aniyan
5. Mariamma
Kochubaby is one of the pioneering physicians of our state. After graduating in Medicine (M.B.B.S) from Madras medical college, he was trained under great physicians of the time. Then he joined as a junior to Kozhimannil Dr. Abraham Verghese of Sayippinte Ashupathri in Thiruvella. Dr. Abraham Verghese was known as Dr. Baby and so Dr. George Kuruvila was affectionately called Kochubaby.
After few years Kochubaby started his own hospital G.K. Hospital in Kavumbhagam, Thiruvella. I had several long conversations with this pioneering spirit in Medicine. He started practicing medicine when there were no antibiotics, or proper anesthesia. He had performed all types of surgeries. He made a large amount of wealth, but he equally contributed for all good causes. He was the first municipal chairman of Thiruvella.
Dr. George Kuruvila married Ammini daughter of Engineer Thomas of Kaniyanthra Vadakevalyil. His sons are Georgekutty, Kochukunju, Appu, and Aniyan, and a daughter Mariamma.

VI.2. Kochukunju/ Binoy (Dr. Thomas Kuruvila)
Susheela Thalakot
Children: VII. 1. Dr. Manoj ( Dr. Thomas Kuruvila)
2. Vinod (Verghese Kuruvila)

Kochukunju carried the legacy of his illustrious father continued to run the G.K Hospital. He married Susheela, daughter of Chinnakutty of Chegannoor Thalakot family. They have 2 sons, Manoj and Vinod. Susheela is chairman of Thiruvella municipality.

VII. 1. Manoj ( Dr. Thomas Kuruvila)
Rasmi Thottakad Valiyamannil)
Children: VIII. 1. Rachel Elizabeth Kuruvila
2. Anna Maria Kuruvila
Manoj, the eldest son of Kochukunju is married to Rasmi, daughter of P.K. Philip of Thottakad Maliyamannil family.

VII. 2. Vinod (Vinod Verghese Kuruvila)
Preethi Susan Kuruvila
Children: VIII. Yohan Thomas Kuruvila
2. Ethan Titus Kuruvila
Vinod, the 2nd son of Kochukunju married Preethi, daughter of C.T. Kuruvila of Maganam Cheriakalathil family.

VI. Appu (GK Kuruvila) married Dr. Nirmala (Sara) Kuruvila, daughter of Dr. T. Titus of Thasiyil family, Coimbatore
Children: VII.
Dr. Kochubaby s 3rd son------

VI. Dr. Aniyan - Dr. Eipe Kuruvila FFARCS , Denver Colorado,USA
Children:: VII.

VI. Mariamma, the only daughter of Dr. Kochubaby----

V. Eipachen ( George Eipe)
Kunjamma, Manamal Thayyil
Children: VI. 1. Kamala
2. Susheela
3. Lalitha
4. Remani
5. Reichi
6. Renu
Eipachen, the 2nd son of Kochupappi married Kunjamma, daughter of M.C. Pothen of Manammal Thayyil family of Mepral. They have 6 daughters, Kamala, Susheela, Lalitha, Remani, Reichi, and Renu.
Eipachen was a well known government contractor who constructed several large buildings including the Kottayam Civillines and the collectorate.
VI.1. Kamalam
Dr. Rajan, Karackel Kozhimannil
Children: VII.

VI. 2. Susheela
Dr. Rajan, Thevalakara Kaliyil
Children: VII.

VI. 3. Lalitha
Children: VII.

VI. 4. Remani
Babu Koshy, Kottayam Karippalil

VI. 5. Reichi
Sodharan Parapallil
Children: VII.

VI. 6. Renu
Lalu, Eirookuzhiyil
Children: VII.

V. Oommachen ( George Oommen)
Kunjukunju, Varikad, Kottayam
Children: VI. 1. Giko
2. Achutty
3. Reghu
4. Shantha
Oommachen, the 3rd son of Medayil Kochupappi was a famous engineer of Travancore. He was a good football player and sportsman. He married Kunjukunju of Kottayam Varikad family. He has 3 sons, Giko, Achutty, and Reghu, and a daughter, Shantha.
VI. 4. Shantha is married to Yohan K. John of Kunnankeril family.

VI.1. Giko
Dr. Leela, Chelikuzhiyil
Children: VII.

VI.2. Achutty
Rajamma, Kurudamannil
Children: VII.

VI. 3. Reghu

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