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III. 3. Eapachen Poikat
? Kandathil Puthen Parmpil
Children: V. 1. Achamma
2. ? 2nd daughter

Eapachen, the 3rd son of Kizhakeveetil Kochitty Kuruvila was married to Kandathil Puthenveetil family. He had 2 daughters.
One daughter was married Kunjommen, son of Kaniyanthra Vathapallil Ittychandy.

IV. 1. Achamma
Thevalakara Vaidyan
Children: V. Kochappy
Achamma was married to Thevalakara Vaidyan and they inherited the ancestral properties of Eapachen Valliappan and settled in Mepral.
Achamma had only one son, Kochappy.

V. Kochappy
Mariamma, Thalavady Mamootil

Children: VI. 1. Kunju (Advacate George P. Eapen)
2. Thankamma
Thankamma, the only daughter was married to Kunjonachen of Arattupuzha Puthenpurackel family.

VI. 2. Kunju ( Advocate George P. Eapen)
Chinnamma Thumpon Poovan Malayil
Children: VII. 1. Lala ( George Oommen)
2. Lalu ( George Ninan)
3. Laji ( George Koshy
4. Loui ( George Stephen)
5. Leo ( George Kuruvila)
6. Lila ( Mary Mathew)
7. Latha ( Achamma Philip)
8. Lena ( Susan George)

Kunju was a good lawyer, good speaker, and an able politician. He married Chinnamma, daughter of Ninan of Thumpon Poovn Malayil family. They have 5 sons, Lala, Lalu, Laji, Loui, and Leo and 3 daughters, Lila, Latha. And Lena.

VII. 6. Lila is married to Mezhuveli Valliaparampil P.C. Babu

VII. 7. Latha married to George Philip (Babu) of Kaipattoor Valliaveetil family.

VII. 8. Lena ( Susan George M. A.. B.Ed. L.L.B) is married to Nirmala of Thalavady Thondathara family. Lena is a high school headmistress in Bombay.

VII. 1. Lala (George Oommen)
Shiba, Kikozhoor Charivukalayil
Children: VIII. Gregory P. Oommen
Lala, the eldest son of Poikat Kunju is married to Shiba, daughter of Rev. Fr. Gheeverghese of Kikozhoor Charivukalayil family. Gregory is their son.
Lala works a journalist for Times of India and he is the editor for Saturday Times. They live in Bombay.

VII. 2. Lalu ( George Ninan)
Children: VIII. 1. Alan
2. Atina
Lalu, 2nd son of Kunju is married to Desy, daughter of L. Kurikeshu of Ayoor Thevannoor Manniyot Porickel family. They have a son, Alan, and a daughter, Atina. Lalu works in Gulf.

VII. 3. Laji ( George Koshy)
Jolly Thekedath
Children: VIII. 1.Sayari
2, Shan
Laji, 3rd son of Poikat Kunju is married to Jolly, daughter of P.K. David of Ernakulam Thekedath family. They have daughter Sayari, and son, Shan.

VII. 4. Loui ( George Stephen)
Bindhu, Kaniyarolil
Loui is married to Bindhu, daughter of K.M. Alexander of Thiruvella Kaniyarolil family. Loui is employed in Gulf.

VIII. 5. Leo, 5th son of Poikat Kunju is employed in Gulf.

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