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Kochitii Kurivila, the son of Judge Kuruvila Kochitti Kuruvila married to Achamma , the daughter of KulathurEappen Mathan in Manimala. The Judge Kochitti Kuruvila died in the Malayalam year 1026 while officiating in the Quilon Sessions Court from 1007 till the end.

Kochitti Kuruvila-Achamma couple had four sons and a daughter. The eldest son Kuruvila known as Kunju settled in Manimala under the family name Plackattu. He was married to a member of Vattassery family in Mallappally. He had a son called Chackochan and four daughters in this marriage. Eldest daughter was sent in marriage to Puthen veedu in Kurumbanadam, the second daughter Chachi Amma was sent in marriage to Vittuvelikunnel family in Pounkunnam,third one namely Annamma to Pulickal family in Ponkunnam and the fourth one called Mariamma toThekkekkara family in Changanassery.

After the death of the wife, Kunju (Kuruvila) remarried Eliamma of Thekkekkara family in Changanassery. He had in this marriage two sons named Ommachen and Kunjambai and three daughters. The eldest daughter was sent in marriage to Manjadi family in Chirakkadavu; the second daughter Kathrinamma to Vattavayal in Edamattam; and the third daughter Saramma to Karippal family in Elangulam.

Chackochan valiappan settled in Manimala Puthanpurakkal family. His wife died with the birth of his first daughter Kunjandamma. Kunjandamma was sent in marriage to Kochukattil family in Karthikapalli. Later Chackochan valiappan remarried Saramma of Valyathu family in Karthikappally. In this marriage he had two sons called Kuruvila (Valiakunju) and Thomas (Kochukunju) and two daughters called Saramma and Mariamma. Saramma was sent in marriage to Patavupurakkal family in Nedumudi and Mariamma was married to N.J. Cherian who as a majistrate and belonging to Nalpathamkalathil family in Velianadu.

Valiakunju's first marriage was to Thresiamma of Vatakkeparambil family in Kanjirappally. He has in this marriage two sons namely Jacob Kuruvila (Valiachackochan), Dominic Kuruvila (Pappachan) and three daughters namely Thankamma, Mariamma, and Kunjamma.

Eldest daughter Thankamma was married to a member of Ettuveettil family in Pulinkunnu. After the death of her husband,she was remarried to a member of Menamparambil family in Pala. Kunjamma was sent in marriage to Kondodikkal family in Thottakkadu and Mariamma to Nedumpara family in Thodupuzha.

Valiakunju married again Kunjannamma of Kanianthara family in Mepral. He had three sons namely Mathew Kuruvila (Rajankutti), Philip Kuruvila (Babychen) and Thomas Kuruvila (Thommachan) and six daughters namely Gracykutty (Pulinkunnu Mangalappalli), Ponnamma (Pallipurathu Kadavil), Selinamma (Pala, Thottunkal), Leelamma (Paika Nannikattu Kandathil) Eachamma (Pulinkunnu Parheparambil), Lalithamma (Kainakari Kalappurakkal).

The eldest son Valiachackochan of Valiakunju married Kunjannamma of Kadamappuzha family in Kanjirappally. They have three sons namely Kuruvachan, Lalappan and Soni and five daughters namely- Thresimma (Kochukakkanadu - Pala), Mariamma (Vellukunnel - Chemmalamattam), Alphonse (Marettu), Sherli (Maathiliparambil Changanassery), and Mercy (Poovakkattu - Kuruvilangadu).

The second son Pappachen settled in a place called Kannimal in Casargode district. (Further details could not be available)

Rajankutti married Pennamma of Thuruthi Chirakkadavu family. Rajankutti has died a fiew years before. They have two sons namely Kuriachan and Poulochan and a daughter namely Aniamma (Mappilasseril in Champakkulam).

Babychen married Salimma of Mukkta family in Thenkana. They have two sons namely Jubi, and Jerry and a daughter called Juni.

Thommachan married Geetha of Kallivayalil family in Chemmalamattam. They have a daughter namely Anu and a son called Kuruvila.

Kochukunju, the second son of Plackattu Puthenpurakkal Chackochan valiappan, married Rosamma of Manimala Keekarikkattu family. His son was Jacob Thomas (Kochu Chackochan) and two daughters were Saramma (Chittadi Kurisummoottil) and Achamma (Muttuchira - Murikkan). Kochuchackochan married Kunjamma of Mappilasseril family in Champakkulam. They have seven sons namely Thomaskutty (died in June 2007), Georgekutty, Kunjumon, Joji, Antochan, Mathukutti, and Shaji and four daughters namely Rosamma (Nedumattam - Kuruvilangadu), Mercy (Palakunnel - Mammood), Betti (Puthumana - Konni), and Lissy (Chirakkadavu- Thuruthi)

Plackattu Ommachen Valyappan settled in Uravakavunkal- Karikkattoor. He was married to Sosamma of Kavalakkal family in Poovathur. This couple had eight sons and five daughters.

The sons were Kutti, Mathaichan, Eappachen, Pappachen, Avirachan, Anthonichen, Chackochan, Ouseppachen; and the daughters were Eliamma, Saramma, Elikkuttiamma, Mariamma, and Kathrikutty. Eliamma, Mariamma and Ouseppachen had no siblings.

Mr. Anthonichen married Mrs. Marykutti from Palekkunnel family (Kuthrappalli) and they got total eleven children.
1) Mr. Tomy Plackattu. Settled in Kasargodu dist. (Malabar) and married Mrs. Claramma from Mappilakunnel family (Calicut). They got total four daughters 1) Mrs. Priya Bony. Married from Azhakathu family (Calicut) have one child, Kithu.
2) Mrs. Rani Jiji. Married from Kasargodu itself.
3) Ms. Asha / Fashion desigher - Going to get married on May 2009.
4) Ms. Anu - Working as dietitian in AKG Hospital Kannur.
2) Mr. Babu Plackattu. Settled in Kannur and married Mrs. Rossamma from Kollirikkal family from Kannur itself. They got total 3 children.
1) Mrs. Simi Bobby. Married by Mr. Booby Alilakuzhi, co brother of Mr. John Brittas (M.D. of Kairali T.V) and working as senior Circulation in Malayala Manorama news paper Kannur division.
2) Mrs. Mili Vinay. Married by Mr. Vinay Karimalikkal (calicut) working as project Manager of Malabar Builders
3) Mr. Dipu Babu. . Working as H.R. Coordinator of KCA Deutag Drilling co. for their Oman operation.

3) Mr. Sunny Plackattu. Settled in Kannur and married Mrs. Any from Madassey house in Sreekandapuram. They got total 3 children
1) Mrs. Neethu Binto married to Mr. Binto (Software Engineer in America)
2) Mr. Nikhil. Single. Working as Web Designer in Banglore.
3) Mr. Nirmal. MBA, working in America.
4) Mr. Raju Plackattu married Mrs. Annamma from Ambiathu house Changanassery. They got total 3 children
1) Mr. Rajeev. (Planter)
2) Late Ms. Rani (Is in heaven with almighty GOD)
3) Mr. Robin .(Engineer) Working in Banglore.
5) Mr. Mathew Plackattu. Married Mrs. Marymma from Kaithara family Kannur. They got total 2 children
1) Mr. Bobby. Mechanical Engineer. Doing Mtech.
2) Ms. Geethu. Student
6) Mrs. Jessamma Joji. Married by Joji Pulikkottil. Settled in Trivandrum. They got two children
1) Mrs. Nisha Sooraj. Married by Mr. Sooraj (business) and settled in Trivandrum.
2) Mr. Jimmichan. Student.
7) Mrs. Dolimma Kuriachan. Married by Kurichan from Kizhakethalakkal family from Kanjirappally. They got total 3 children.
1) Mr. Mithun. Working in England with family.
2) Mrs. Anu Balu. Married by Mr. Balu (Engineer) from Kottayam.
3) Mr. Antochan. Student.
8) Mrs. Lovlimma Johny. Married by Mr. Johny Chittettil Sub editor of Mathrubhumi new paper and settled in Calicut. They got total 2 children.
1) Mr. Anoop. Engineer.
2) Mr. Arun. Student.
9) Mrs. Babymma Joskutty. Married by Mr. Joskutty from Marattukalam family Changanassery. They got total two childrens.

1) Mr. Nirmal. Student
2) Mr. Anand. Student
10) Mrs. Elsamma Tomy. Married by Mr. Tomichan from Edayadiyil house (Mankompu).

11) Mr. Tony Plackattu. Married Mrs. Beena from Azhakathu family from Calicut and settled in Calicut. They got total 2 children.
1) Mr.Appu. Student.
2) Ms. Ammu. Student.

Subsequent to the death of Ouseppachen, who had no children, his wife Thresiamma was remarried to Parambil family of Kanjirappaly and then Elikuttiamma and family were entrusted with the property in Uravakkavunkal ancestral home for taking care of Valiappan and valiamma.

Kuruvila known as Kutti, the eldest son of Ommachen married Annamma of Njavalla Aandarkunnel, Pala. Both of them are no more. This couple had 3 sons and 6 daughters. Rosamma the eldest daughter was married to Chackochan of Punnathakathu - Aruvithura, and the second daughter Annama was married to Varkichen of Karippal family, and the third daughter Merykutty was married to Eapachen of Pamplaniyil - Paika. and the the fourth daughter Eliamma was married to Kuruvilechan of Punnkunnathuseril Medayil. and the fifth daughter Saramma was married to Chackochan of Thazhathuveettil- Kallurkadu and 6th daughter Kathrikutty was married to Appachan of Elanjikkal family in Alappuzha. The eldest son of Kuruvila Thomas (Pappachen) was married to Annamma of Vettikkadu family in Chirakkadavu. They have no children. Ouseppachen, the second son married Mariakkutty of Chethimattam family in Thottakkadu. They also have no children and both of them are no more.

Younger son Mathaichen married Eliamma of Valiplakkal - Karikkattuur. They have 3 sons namely Kariachen, Tomy, Saji and two daughters namely Annamma and Lovely.

Ommachen's second son Mathaichen was married to Kathrinamma of Vettikkappallil family in Chirakkadavu. This couple has eight sons. Mathaichen died in 1984 and Kathrinamma died in 1996. Their eldest sons Thommikunju, Vakkachan, Ouseppachen and Anthonichen have died.

Thommikunju had married Eliamma of Chellelil family in Ranni, He has a daughter namely Kunjamma (Kathrinamma) in this marriage. Eliamma died with delivery. Kunjamma was married to Babychen of Madhathilakkal family in Velianadu.

Thommikunju remarried Mariamma of Paitutharayil family in Puthukkary. They have two sons namely Babychen and Ommachen. Babychen married Rosilin of Kannampurakkal family in Punnathura-Ettumanur. Their children are Appu (Thomas), Aswathi (Marie) and Xavi (Xavier). Ommachen married Sudha of Puthanpurakkal family in Pulikkeezhu - Tiruvalla. Their children are Denni, Mayakha and Carmel.

The second son of Mathaichen namely Vakkachen married Mariamma of Nagarur family in Cheruvalli. They have a son namely Mathachan and daughter namely Aniamma. Aniamma was married to Joichan of Thenpallil family in Vayala. Mathachen married Jessamma of Mannanal family in Karikkattoor. Their children are Jithin, Jini and Chinnu. Mariakkutty died on 08 August 2007

Ouseppachen, the third son of Mathaichan died while having his college education.

Late Anthonichen married Thresiamma of Pullomparambil family in Nedumkunnam. They have a daughter Jasmin, who is married toMartin of Mannamplakkal family in Erumely; and two sons namely Jinson and Johnson.

Fifth son of Ommachen Chackochan married Philomina of Malayil family in Alappuzha. They have two sons namely Jijo and Jobi.

Sixth son Devasiachen married Molly of Madakkasseril family in Edathua. They have 3 daughters. The eldest daughter Neena is married to Sibichen of Kalathil family in Alappuzha. Nisha, the second daughter was married in 2000. The third daugher is Nitha. She got married in 2005. Devasiachen died on 2nd September 2006 at Alapuzha at 6.45 am. His body was burried on 3rd Sept. at Holy Magi's church. He had been under treatment for one year.(updated on 2nd Sep 06)

Kuruvachen married Mariamma of Kuzhiampakkil family in Champakkara. They have 3 daughters namely Swapna, Sumitha and Sunitha. Swapna is married to Tom of Elangallore family in Manimala. Sumitha is married to .. family in Paika.

Mathachen, the youngest son married Jolly of Kudilil family in Arakkunnam. Their eldest son Nishan died at very young age. Their other sons are Jeevan, and Shan.

The third son of Ommachen namely Eappachen married Thresiamma of Karippal family in Elangulam. They have sons namely Thankachan, Kuttappan and five daughters. The eldest daughter Rosamma died soon after she was married to Kokkappuzhafamily in Karimpanakkulam. The second daughter Thankamma was married toThommachen of Puthiaparambil family in Koottikkal. The third daughter Elikkutty was married to Ouseppahcen of Chandrankunnel family in Pravithanam. Lissy was married to Chandappilla of Karippassery of Kavalam. The next daughter Rosamma called Moni was married to Chackochan of Thottil family in Arpukkara. After the death of Thresiamma, Eappachen remarried Annakkutty of Pullolil family. Eappachen, Annakutty and Kuttappan has died).

The eldest son Thankachen of Eappachen married Annakkutty of Urumbinveedu of Chirakkadavu. They have 7 daughters and a son.

Eappachen's youngest son Kuttppan married Jolyamma of Manamayil family in Kurisinmoodu. They have a daugher Sheeba and two sons Mathachan and Benny. Sheba was married to Joychen, son of Thommachen of Mullongkal family in Elangoi. Mathachen married Sajina of Kalluvila family in Koodal. Benny married Royissin of Enadumala family in Karikkattoor.

Pappachen, the next son of Ommachen married Eathamma of Vettikkattu family in Chirakkadavu. Eathamma has died a few years ago. Pappachen and children are settled in Cherupuzha in Kannur district since many years. Pappachen has 3 sons and 3 daughters. Sons Kuttappan and Achenkunju settled in Cherupuzha. Kunjammachen, another son had died years ago. His wife and five sons are settled in Cherupuzha itself. All the three daughters of Pappachen were sent in marriage. One of them is in Manimala and two in Malabar..

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