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III. 4. Oommachen Kizhakeveetil
Achiyamma, Maret, Kalluppara
Children: IV. 1. Kochikkachen
2. ? daughter
Oommachen was the 4th son of Kizhakeveetil Kochitty Kuruvila Valliappan. He married Achiyamma from Kalluppara Maret family.
He had one son and a daughter.
Daughter was married to Eapen of Puthenkavil Parampil family.

IV. 1. Kochikkachen
Mariamma Valakuzhyil, Mallapally.
Children: V. 1. Kochappy ( P.K. Oommen)
2. Kochu Varugheechen ( P.K. Verghese)
3. Achiyamma
Kochikkachen married Mariamma from Mallapally Valakuzhiyil family. They had 2 sons, Kochappy and Kochu Gheevarugheechen, and a daughter, Achiyamma.
IV. 3. Achiyamma was married to Unniyachen of Puramittathu Ooriyapadickel family.

V. 1. Kochappy ( P.K. Oommen)
Kochannamma Poovathur, Chegannoor.
Children: I. 1. Lucy
2. Alice
3. Sunny
Kochappy married Kochannamma from Poovathur family and they had 2 daughters, Lucy and Alice, and a son Sunny.
Kochappy was a highly respected teacher in Model School, Trivandrum. Though he lived in Trivandrum and known as Thiruvanathapuram Kochappichayan, he was involved in all our family activities and was well wisher of all Poothicote members.

VII. 1. Lucy was a well known physician in India. She graduated from the Vellore Medical College as the best student of the year. She started her career as a surgeon in St. Stephen s Hospital, Delhi. She is credited with the progress of the hospital as one of the best in the country.
Dr. Lucy was the personal physician to former Indian Prime minister Indira Gandhi. She was awarded Padmasree by the president of India for her meritorious services. When she retired in 1999, major newspapers in India wrote articles praising her services.
Later in her life, she developed Alzheimer s disease, and her brother Suuni and sister-in-law Joyamma gave her the best care in their home in Thiruvella till she died.
Dr. Lucy was unmarried.

VI. 2. Alice B.A.B.T.
Alice started as a teacher and she was high school headmistress in Kottarakara and Trivandrum. She retired as district educational officer of Trivandrum.

VI. 3. Sunny (Jacob Oommen)
Joyimma ( Achamma)
Children: VII. 1. Ajith Jacob
2. Biju Jacob
Sunny, the only son of Thiruvanathapuram Kochappichayan married Joyimma, daughter of T.C. Koshy of Puramittathu Thoppil family. They have 2 sons, Ajith and Biju.
Sunny is a good tennis player who represented Kerala University, Agra University, and Gorappur University in national championship tournaments.
VII. Ajith Jacob B.E.
Children: VIII. 1. Shawn P. Agith
2. Shania P. Agith
Agith, the eldest son of Sunny married Agi, daughter of A.E. George of Thiruvella Attumalil family. Thy have a son, Shawn, and a daughter, Shania. Agith and his wife are in Abudabi.

VII. 2. Biju Jacob is a sales executive for Air travelers Enterprise in Thiruvella.

V. 2. KochuVargheechen ( P.K. Verghese, B.A. L.T.)
Chachamma Polachirackel, Mavelikara
Children: VI. 1. Sudha
2. Shoba
KochuGheevrugheechen, 2nd son of Kochikkachen Valliappan married Chachamma from Polachirackel family and they have 2 daughters, Sudha and Shoba.

VI. 1. Sudha M.Sc. is a teacher in Bangalore. Her husband Kujootty Thoopunkal (Dr. C. Koshy Mathai P.HD.) is a scientist with Bangalore Hasaragatta Lake. They are settled in Bangalore and have 2 sons.

VI. 2. Shoba is married to engineer Markosekutty of Kottayam Thattumkal family. They have a daughter and 2 sons.
They are in United States.

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