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Sosamma, Kurumthottical, Kozhenchery

Children: V. 1. Kunjamma
2. Pennamma
3. Baby

Pathinettil Kochu Chackochen was the 2nd son of Paruvaparampil Mathachen Valliappan. He married Sosamma who was the daughter of Thomas of Kozhenchery Kurumthottical family. Her brother was Rev. K.T.Thomas( Kanthari Achan), Kurumthottical, the famous Marthoma priest of the period.
Chackochen had 2 daughters, Kunjamma, and Pennamma, and a son Baby.

V. 1. Kunjamma was married to Korachen of Mallapally Modayil family.

V. 2. Pennamma was unmarried.

V. 3. Baby ( P.C. Mathew)
Kochalyamma, Pulliyat Kaniyanthra
Children: VI. 1.Sunny
2. Roy
3. Bhanu
4. Laly
5. Kunju
6. Soma
Baby was working for the Trivandrum Co.operative Bank for some time. He was married to Kochelyamma, the daughter of Very Rev. Anlexanthrios Cor-episcopa of Kaniyanthra. Baby has 5 sons, Sunny, Roy , Bhanu, Laly, and Kunju and a daughter, Soma. For several years Baby was working as a teacher in the St. Johns School.Mepral
Baby died at the age of 72 in 1983.

VI. 1..Sunny ( Jacob Mathew)
Thankamma, Kachirackal Karotukoickal, Vennikulam
Children: VII. 1 . Meena
2 .Annie
Sunny, the eldest son of baby married Thankamma, daughter of Verghese of Vennikulam Kachirackel Karotukoickel house. They have 2 daughters, Meena Jacob and Ani Jacob.
Sunny was with the Indian air force for 15 years. And later he worked for Cochin shipyard and retired from there and settled in Ernakulam near Kadavanthra junction.

Meena is married to Shaji son of Ver.Rev. C.C.Geeverghese of Keekozhoor, Charivukalayil house. Shaji is working in a Computer Networking Company in Kochi .They have two daugters Mabel & Annabel .

Annie is married to Advocate Jiji C.George son of C. C. Geevarghese Chambakotukudiyil family. Kothamangalam.Jiji is the proprietor of Kerala Yellow Pages and Managing Director of Autumn Trees Resort in Munnar.. Annie is a good artist and works as an interior designer. They have two children George & Jacob.

VI. 2. Roy ( Alex Mathew)
Omana, Kurudamannil, Kikozhoor
Children: VII. 1. Meby
2. Ciby
Roy, 2nd son of Pathinettil Baby is married to Omana, the daughter of Verghese of Keekozhoor Kurudamannil family. Omana is also the 4th generation of the eldest daughter of Poothicote Very Rev.. Cherian Thomas Cor-episcopa .Roy was with the Indian air force for 16 years. And later he worked for Cochin shipyard and retired from there and settled in Ernakulam near Kadavanthra junction
Roy has a son, Meby and a daughter, Ciby.

Meby(MBA) works for a computer software company in Kochi . He is married to Asha(MCA) daughter of Mr.Baby Jacob Kaduvallikudiyil Vengoor Perumbavoor. They have a son
Alex M.Poothicote.

Ciby (MBA) works for Muthoot M. George Group in Kottayam, she is married to Adv. Vinu Jacob son of Chacko tharakan Kalappurackal Family Olsha - Kottayam.They have two daughters
Amiee & Miyah.

VI. 3. Bhanu Mathew
Leelamma Kurichiyath, Niranam
Children: VII. 1. Tony Mathew
2. Sony Mathew
Bhanu, 3rd son of Pathinettil Baby is married to Leelamma, daughter of Mr.Mathew of Niranam Kurichiyath Eramalladiyil family. Bhanu was the General Manager of M.M. Foam company Madras .
Bhanu played key role in organizing the Madras unit of the Poothicote Kudumbayogam and family unit. They have yearly Kudumbayogam and publish a publication Poothicodan every 3 months.

Tony Mathew (BTech MBA),software engineer, works in USA , he is married to Anju Mathew daughter of Late Dr. Mathew P.V Puthukkeril family Chenganoor. They have two Cildren Rahul & Richelle .......

Sony Mathew (FCA ) works Genpact India in South India . He is married to Tejyana Mathew daughter of Mr.Mathew Thomas Naduvilemuriyil Poyyannil Family Kozhencherry, They have a son Jaedyn.

VI. 4.. Laly ( Cherian Mathew)
Valsamma, Kadayanikad Peykuzhiyil
Children: VII. 1. Motty Mathew
2. Jotty Mathew

Laly, 4th son of Pathinettil Baby is a gifted artist and writer. He has been in charge of art and entertainment activities during the annual get together of poothicote family members. Laly unfortunately lost vision due to glaucoma when he was very young. Laly is married to Valsamma, daughter of P. M. Mathew of Kadayanikad Pekkakuzhiyil family. Valsamma works for the postal department.

Motty is working in UAE as an accountant

Jotty works as Supertindent of a Plantation Company in Karnataka.

VI. 5..Kunju (Kuruvilla mathew)
Moni Kuruvilla Vadackal House ,Mannar
Children:1.Dn.Thomas K Poothicote

Kunju, 5th son of pathinettil Baby is married to Moni, daughter of Mr.Oommen Thomas Vadackal house of Kottayam Kuishumuttil family.Kunju,who is works as Project Engineer for HITACHI in Kochi

Dn.Thomas K Poothicote is ordinated as decan in the Syran Jacobite church in 2007,now undergoing studies. Presenty he is deputed as the secretary of H..G.Kurikose Mor Julios Bishop of Simhasana churchs of Syrian Jacobite church. He is also a Regional Committee member of Bible Socity Of India

Vl.6.Soma Zacharia
Mr.Zacharia,Kankalil.(H) Kayamkulam
Soma, the only daughter of Pathinettil Baby was married to Zacharia of Kayamkulam Kankalil family. Soma died when she was 37 years old.

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