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111. 7. Gheevarugheechen
Pappiyamma Akkara
Children: IV 1. Kunjupennu
2. Chinnamma
3. Kochu
4. Papachen (P.G. Cherian)

Gheevarugheechen and his sister were born to the 2nd wife of Cherian Valliappan Mariamma, who the widow of Ponnu Oommachen Muthalali of the Nellimootil family. Oommachen Muthalali sister was the first wife of Cheriachen Valliappan.
Oommachen Muthalali was lost in a possible ship wreck and no news about him was available for more than 7 years.

In the meantime, her husband s business partner, Nattukotta Chettiar tried to acquire all his partners wealth by dubious means. Mariamma bravely and astutely resisted Chettiar s attempts.

There is an interesting story of how Mariamma cleverly defeated the Chettiar bribed the local government officer- thahasildar- and came with him to Mariamma s house to recover gold which Chettiar claimed was his. Mariamma with the help of her devoted servant, made hole in the floor in one of her rooms and buried all the gold in it. When Thahasildar and the Chettiar arrived, Mariamma got on to a pettukattil- the low height bed the women used in those days to deliver babies- and pretended that she was having severe abdominal pain. The bed was just above where gold was buried and she also had a Naripodu- wood burning vessel- over it. Thahasildar and Chettiar searched every place except where the gold that was buried and they found nothing. Before they left, Mariamma secretly intimated the thahasildar to come at night and search her well. Mariamma made sure that a gold plate was secretly left in the well. At night Thahasildar came and took the gold plate for himself and he no more bothered Mariamma.
According to the custom in those days, if a husband disappeared for more than 7 years and there was no news about him, he could be presumed dead and his wife could remarry. There was no news about Ponnu Oommachen for more than 7 years. By this time Cherian Puthen Purackel also had become a widower. So with the permission of the Church and the Malankara Metropolitan, Cherian married Mariamma, the widow of his brother-in-law Oommachen. This Mariamma was a descendent of Middle Eastern immigrants who came to Quilon, Kerala in 825 AD with Bishop Mor Proth and Mor Sabor. There are many who believe that the Malayalam era was started in AD 825 to commemorate their arrival in Kollam.

Mariamma was very beautiful and intelligent. She brought all the wealth of her former husband to Mepral. She divided it in to 2 equal shares; one half of the share was given to her son Gheevareechen and the other half of the share to the 4 sons of husband by previous marriage. Mariamma died when he r children were 5 and 3 years old.

Judge Great grandpa sent Gheevarugheechen and his 2 younger brothers for English education in Kochi British grammar school. He rented a house in Fort Cochin for his children and sent servants to take care of them.
After the schooling, Gheevarugheechen married Akkara Kurian writer s daughter Pappiyamma. About this wedding, in the Akkara family history, it is written that it was one of the most elegant wedding of the time. Many VIP guests including the British Resident representing English government and Kings special representatives were present for the wedding.
Gheevarugheechen was appointed as sub-registrar by the government and he held the job in Thiruvella for few years. In 1885, he built a house in Payikandom and moved there.

IV. 1. Kunjupennu, the eldest daughter of Gheevarugheechen was married to Korakunju of Kottayam Kallupurackel family. Philipose Mor Theophilose of the Malankara Orthodox Church was one the children in this marriage.

After retiring from his job as sub-registrar, Gheevarugheechen was taking care of his agricultural properties and he died in 1893 (M.E. Kumbham 11). Wife Pappiyamma had died 2 days earlier.

IV. 2. Chinnamma was married to Edukkilachen of Vallamkualam Variamkattil Kandathil family. He was a government treasury officer. Wedding as it was arranged by Chinnamma s brother Papachen, was solemnized in Mepral St. Johns Church.

IV. 3. Kochu was married to K.M. Pothen. Pothen was Travancore State Fisheries Inspector.

IV. 4. Papachen ( P.G. Cherian)
Sosamma Manammal Palamittom
Children: V. 1. Kunju
2. Pennamma
3. Kunjamma.
Papachen after the death of his parents had moved back to Kottayam and was living there with his 2 sisters in the property they inherited from their mother s Akkara family. Papachen had English education like his father. After his marriage, Papachen moved back to Mepral. Papachen died in 1902 ( M.E. Edavam 5) and was buried in Mepral Church.
When her husband died Sosamma was very young. She rejected the advice of her brothers, M.C. Pothen, M.C. George, and M.C. Chandy to remarry. She stayed in Payikandom and took her of her children.

V. 2. Pennamma. The eldest daughter of Papachen was married to Kuttappan of Puthupally Kochuparampil family.
V. 3. Kunjamma was married to Koshy Kunju of Maramon Palakunnathu family.

V. 1. Kunju ( Cherian George)
Children: VI . 1. Chinnamma
2. Ponnamma

3. Papachen (Advocate George P. Cherian)
4. George Kurian ( His Grace Kuriakose Mor Coorilose)
5. Kunjamma

Kunju ,the only son of Papachen was born in 1900. He married Kunjujamma, daughter of Kuriachen of Viyapuram Pullipadavil Valiyaputhenpurayil family. He was managing the ancestral properties. As for a long time he had no sons, he made promise to God that if he got 2 sons, one will be offered one service as priest. His second son later became Metropolitan Kuriakose Mor Coorilose.

VI. 1. Chinnamma was married to Kochu of Kottayam Chakalaparampil family.
VI. 2. Ponnamma Kodiyattu married to Papachen from Thiruvella Kodiyattu family.
VI. 5. Kunjamma married to Thomas Muthalali of Chathannoor Koyipurath family.

VI. 3. Papachen ( Advocate George P. Cherian) 1930
Children: VII. 1. Renu
2. Rena
3. Remani
4. Georgy.
Papachen the eldest son of Payikandathil Kunju is an advocate and leader of the Church. After the death of his father in an early age, it was Papachen who managed all affairs at home. Poothicote family will be ever indebted to him for preparing a family history and laboriously collecting the list of all its present members. Papachen married Lalitha, the daughter of Thomas George of Trivandrum Kallath family.

VI1. 1. Renu, (Dr. Renu Ani P. Cherian) the eldest daughter is married to Rajan (Dr. Joseph Kurian) of Palai Athupalliyil family. Raju is presently the RMO in Muvatupuzha. Renu does private practice in Koothattukulam.

VII. 2. Rena ( Susan Verghese B.Com) is married to Prof. Verghese Joshua, the son of retired district and sessions judge Joshua of Edathua Kattumbhagathu family. He is presently in Dubai.
VII. 3. Remani (Remani John) is married to John Verghese, son of P.G. Verghese of Trivandrum Thumpon Mamootil family. He is in Dubai at present.
VI. 4 Georgi (Johncy George) is an electrical engineer and is presently in Dubai.

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