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2nd marriage?

CHILDREN: IV. 1. Unnoonni (Dr. Abraham Cherian)
2. Mathaikutty
3. Sosamma
IV. 3. Sosamma was married to Dr. A.E. John of Amalloor (Trichoor). Dr. A. E. John was a famous physician of the period. As Durbar Physician. He was the personal physician to the king.

9 1. Unnoonni ( Dr. Abraham Cherian)
Sosamma, Chirayil, Karthikapalli
Annamma Parampallil
Children: V. 1. Baby (P.A. Cherian)
2. Papachen (P.A. Abraham)
3. Ammini
4. Pennamma
5. Gracy
6. Thankamma
7. Kunjumone

Unnoonni (Dr. Abraham Cherian) was a physician with Kannan Devan Company. After retiring, he continued private practice. He was the secretary of Poothicote Kudumbayogam for several years. It was his devotion and dedication to our family that restated the annual Poothicote family gets together restarted after a lapse of few years. He was also very deeply religious and involved in gospel work.
Unnoonni was first married to Sosamma of Chirayil family. The first 2 sons, Baby and Papachen, and daughters, Ammini and Thankamma were born in this marriage.
After the death of Sosamma, Unnoonni married Annamma from Thiruvella Parampallil family. In this union, they had 2 daughters, Gracy and Thankamma and a son, Kunjumone.

10 3. Ammini, the eldest daughter of Unnoonni was married to engineer baby of Mallapally Pannikuzhiyil family. He worked for K.S.E.B.

V. 4. Pennamma 2nd daughter of Unnoonni married to Thomaskutty from Kottayam Pallath family.

V. 5. Gracy 3rd daughter of Unnoonni married to Papachen of Thiruvella Shrampikal family.

11 6 Thankamma Koshy, Mallapally.

V. 1. Baby (P.A. Cherian)
Marikutty, Adoor Padijattathil Kannamkot
Children: VI. 1. Gladys
2. Alice
3. Shantha
5. Kunjumol
6. Kochumol
7. Babu (Abraham Cherian)
Baby, the eldest son of Dr. Abraham Cherian with a European estate company for long time. After retirement he settled in Adoor. He was married to Marikutty of Adoor Kannamkot Padijattathil family. Both of them passed away. They have 5 daughters, Gladys, Alice, Shantha, Kunjumol, and Kochumol, and a son, Babu.

VI. 1. Gladys married to Thomas Kurien, Kidagannor Enjakalath family.

VI. 2. Alice married to Alias Samuel of Venmany Attupurath Cherialummootil family.

VI. 3. Shantha married to Philip Verghese of Thalavady Karuvelil family.

VI. 4. Kunjumol married to M.A. Jacob of Puthenkavil Mamootil family.

VI. 5. Kochumol married to V.A. Cherian of Thrukalanthoor Kuravankudiyil family.

VI. Babu (Abraham Cherian)
Santhamma, Naranammuzhiyil Kimootil, Ranni
Children: VII. 2 children

Babu, the only son of Baby is married to Santhamma, Naranammuzhiyil Kimootil, and Ranni. They have 2 children.

V. 2. Papachen (P.A. Abraham)
Gracy Eruvallipra Perumpallikad
Children: VI. 1. Shali
2. Joly
3. Monachen
Papachen, the 2nd son of Dr. Abraham Cherian Palampallam, married Gracy from Eruvellipra Perumpallikad family. They have 2 daughters, Shali and Jolly, and a son, Monachen. Monachen died young.
Papachen worked Moonnar P.H.E. project and Kannan Devan Company. Even after his retirement after 80, he continued to work for G.K. Hospital, Thiruvella.

V. Kunjumon ? Parampallil.
Kunjumone is the youngest son of Dr. Abraham Cherian.

IV. 2. Mathaikutty ( P.C. Mathew)
Mariamma Pothirickel, Perigara
Children: V. 1. Unnikunju ( P.M. Cherian)
2. Georgekutty (P.M. George)
3. Ammachen (P.M. Abraham)
4. Thampi (P.M. Mathew)
5. Loui
6. Kochachiyamma
7. Lilly
Mathaikutty was the 2nd so of Palampallath Cheriankunju Valliappan. He married Mariamma from Perigara Pothirickel family. They have 4 sons, Unnikunju, Georgekutty, Ammachen, Thampi, and 3 daughters, Loui, Kochachiyamma, and Lilly.

V. 5. Loui married to Chackochen of Puthenkavil Poovathur Mamootil Puthenpurayil family.

V. 6. Kochachiyamma married to Baby Thiruvella Kovoor Kayalaikath family.

V. 7. Lilly married to Georgekutty of Mavelikara Kunnayath family.

V. 1. Unnikunju ( P.M. Cherian)
Kunjamma Enath Padijattathil
Mariamma Kumpanad Padinjattadathu
Children: VI. 1. Mon ( George C. Mathew)
2. Unnoonniyamma
3. Anu
4. Achiyamma

Unnikunju had no children in his first marriage to Kunjamma. After the death of Kunjamma, Unnikunju married Mariamma. They had a son, Mon and 3 daughters, Unniyamma, Anu, and Achiyamma.
Unnikunju was employed in Pyari and Company of Pulikiezh Sugar factory.
VI. 2. Unniyamma married to Kunju ( M.B. Thomas ) Menadam Mathinacheril family . he is a deputy director in Cochin Oil Marketing.

VI. 3. Anu married to Rajukutty ( Oommen Jacob) of Eraveril Polachirackel family. He woks in Kuwait.

VI. 4. Achiyamma B.A. B. Ed. married to Aniyankunju ( Kuruvila Varkey) of Shanakaramangalam Vadakkemannil family.

VI. 1. Mon ( George C. Mathew)


Cherian: VII. 1. Tim Cherian George
2. Tania Mariam Cherian
Mon after is B.A. degree took D.M.R. in special education. He teaches handicapped children in M.C.R. D. , Thadiyoor. He is married to Susan, daughter of Cherian Koshy of Edanad Thekedath Pallickal family.
They have a son, Tim and a daughter, Tania.

V. 2 Georgekutty ( P.M. George)
Ammini Polachirackel
Children: VI. 1. Meera
2. Annie
Georgekutty is married to Ammini of Polachirackel family. They have 2 daughters, Meera and Annie.
Georgekutty retired from central excise department and presently live in Kollam with daughter Meera.

VI. 1. Meera is married to Avarachen from Maramon Palakunnathu family.
12 2. Annie is married to Advocate James of Kurichi Naicherril family.

V. 3. Ammachen ( P.M. Abraham)
Thankamma, Puthupally Manalumbhagam
Children: Mathukutty.
Ammachen is the 3rd son of Palampallath Mathaikutty. He is married to Thankamma, daughter of Ousapachen of Puthupally Manalumbhagam family.
Ammachen is a very able person with great leadership qualities. His leadership in church and public matters is well recognized. He has also good knowledge in our family history.

VI. Mathukutty
Molly, Edathumpadickel, Pallom
Children: VII. 1. Abraham
2. Joseph
Mathukutty, the only son of Ammachen is married to Molly, the daughter of Kunju of Edathumpadickel family, Pallom.

V. 4. Thampi (P.M. Mathew
Leelamma Thattel, Puthenkavil
Children: VI. 1. Merina
2. Kochumol
3. Susan
Thampi is the youngest son of Palampallath Mathaikutty. He married Leelamma (Sosamma Mathew), daughter of T.K. Koshy of Puthenkavil Thattel Benglavil family. They have 3 daughters, Merina, Kochumol, and Susan
Thampi retired as a senior assistant from E.I.D. Pyari and Company. Leelamma retired as a matron from Southern Railway Hospital. They live in Mepral.
Thampi has taken a keen interest in our Kudumbayogam and other activities.
VI. 1. Merina is married to Bobby ( Philip P. Alex) of Chegannoor Poovathur Puthenpurayil family. Bobby is a businessman.

VI. 2. Kochumol ( Rachel Mathew M.S.W.) is married to Mathukutty of Thalavady Kandathil family. Kochumol was the area coordinator for World Vision of India. Presently she is in Gulf with her husband.

VI. 3. Susan married Valliamon (engineer Abraham Jacob of Mavelikara Polachirackel Padinjare Purackel family. Susna L..L.M. practiced in Ernakulam and was later a lecturer in Salem Central law College. Presently she is in Gulf with her husband.

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