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Manimalaparapu branches are the descendants of 2 of Cherian Valliappan s youngest children, Cherian and Kunjummen,
Born to his 3rd wife, Puthencavil Puthenpurackel Mariamma.
Rahelamma, the daughter in this marriage was married to Philipose, son of Avanadyar of Thumpon Thekkaveetil. Another daughter

III. 8. Cheriachen
Mariamma Thevalakara Thazhamangalth
Thankamma Kaniyanthra Vallath

Children: IV. 1. Unnoonni (Cherian Poothicote)
2. Kochappy ( Sub-registrar)
3. Kunjappy
4. Chackochen (Chacko Poothicote)
5. Georgekutty
6. Chinnamma
7. Kuttyamma
8. Aleykutty.
Chriachen s first wife Mariamma died very young, leaving her only son Unnoonni. The other children were born to Thankamma.

IV. 5. Chinnamma was married to Joseph of Kumarakath Vayalattusheril family.

IV. 5. Kuttyamma married to Georgekutty of Kattotu Angelivalil family.

IV. 6. Aleykutty married to Peter of Thumpon Karingatil family.

IV. 1. Unnoonni ( Cherian Poothicote)
Mariamma Kottayam Pukadiyil
Kunjannamma Edathua Vadumpurackel

Children: 1. P.C. Cherian ( Kuttyachen)
2. P.O. Cherian
3. P.G. Cherian
4. Kochu Mariamma
5. Kochaliamma
6. Annamma
7. Ammini
8. Leela
9. Sophy
Kuttyachen was the only son born to Cherian poothicote in his first marriage to Mariamma. After Mariamma s death, he married Kunjannamma and 8 children were born in that marriage.
Cherian poothicote was a B.A. graduate from Madras University took a job in Travancore excise department. Later he resigned the job and spend one year with Mahatma Gandhi in his ashram. He also helped to form a Syrian Christian regiment for the army during the Second World War. Later he turned his energies to industries and plantation. With other members of the family he started a rubber estate in Arayanpara. Also along with few other members of the family, he stated a bank in Mepral. Cherickel Appachen was its manager. This venture did not succeed because of financial difficulties.

V. 4. Kochu Mariamma married to engineer VG. John of Omalloor Vadakedath family.

V. 5. Kochaliamma married to Jacob Alexander, son of K.J. Alexander of Kodiyattu family
V. 6. Annamma married to Thampi ( C.K. Thomas) of Kottayam Kunnukuzhiyil family.

V. 7. Ammini married to engineer O.A. Mathew (Motty) of Kumarakom Orupettithara family.

V. 8 Leela married to Kaviyoor Mavalil Abraham Verghese. He is with Kannan Davan Company.

V. 9. Sophi married to M. C. Cherian of Moolamannil family.

V. 1 Kuttyachen ( P.C. Cherian)
Leelamma (Kunchikutty) Akkara
Children: VI. 1. P.C. Cherian Jr.
2. Elizabeth
3. Jani
Kuttyachen, the eldest son of Cherian Poothicote married the daughter of Akkara Achayan. Kuttichen was a prominent figure in the social circles in Kottayam.

VI. 1. Elizabeth is married to Babu of Kottayam Kiliroor Kalarickel family.

VI. 2. Jani is married to Paul of Kanjirapalli Karimpanal family.

VI. 3. P.C. Cherian Jr.
Preethi Pullukad

Children VII. 1. Chejith Cherian
2. Deepa

P.C. Cherian has won several national prizes for his skills in rifle and pistol target shootings.

V. 2. P.O Cherian
Children: VI. Unni Cherian
P.O. Cherian works for the world bank and lives in Washington.
His only son Unni Cherian is a journalist. His wife is American and her name is Lyn. They have no children

V. 3. P.G. Cherian (Kunjumone)
Ammu Kandathil Pazhayaparampil

Children: VI. 1. Kiran
2. Eliza
3. George.
Kunjumone, the 3rd son of Cherian Poothicote, after his education in Madras Christian College, manages the family business. He is married to Ammu, the daughter of Kochunnooni of Kandathil Pazhayaparampil family.

VI. 1. Kiran is married to Geoffrey Thomas of Thoppil Puthenpurackel family. She is very active with Poothicote family unit in Madras.

VI. 2. Eliza is married to Vivek Kuruvila of Pulikaparampil family, Bangalore.

VI. 3. George, the only son of Kunjumone did his BA in MCC, Madras, MA in Pune and then did his MBA in Monash University, Australia. After working in various city he now manages his family business. He married Nikita from Pambady of Kochuveetill family. He has a daughter named Elaine

V. 2. P.C. Abraham (Kochappy)
Annamma Kollumkeril
Children: VI. 1. Rajan
2. Molly
3. Ani
4. Kunjumol
Kochappy is the 2nd son of Manimalaparapil Cheriachen Valliappan and the eldest born to his second wife Thankamma. He took B.A. degree from Maharajas College and was employed in the Tata company in Bombay. Later he joined the Travancore registration department as sub- registrar. He was married to Annama, daughter of Chackochen of Aymanam Kollumkeril family. He died on August 22, 1982 and was buried in Mepral.

VI. 2. Molly married to Cherian of Chathannoor Mathukunneth family.

VI. 3. Ani married to Kunjavarachen of Alleppey Pupallil family.

VI. 1. Rajan
Jayanthi ( Elizabeth)
Children: VII. 1. Meera M.Sc.
3. Yohan

VII. Meera is married to Dr. George Kurian of Kaithayil family. He works at Vellore Christian Medical College. Meera is a teacher in C.M.C. school, Vellore.

VII. 2. Kunjumone B.Sc. works for an achar company in Calicut.

V. 4. . Chacko ( Chacko Poothicote)
Baby Chathannoor Nedumchira

Children: V. 1. Lalitha
2. Ani.
3. Kochumol ( Aleykutty)
4. Thampi (Cherian)

Chacko Poothicote was the 4th son of Manimalaparapu Cherian Valliappan. After his high school education, he went for engineering education in Madras. But before completing the education, he joined the Indian independence struggle. He became a leader of the Indian national Congress party and was arrested and spent some time in jail. He was the mandalam president of the Congress Party in Thiruvella for several years. The famous Mepral convention of Congress party in 1948 was organized by him. He has been honored by the president of India for his services to the country.
He is married to Baby, daughter Mathaichen of Nedumchira Puthenveetil family.
He died on May 1, 1977.

V. 1. Lalitha
David Oommen
Children: VI. 1.Manju
2. Sanju
3. Premu
Premu is married to Kevin Griffin. Kevin is a teacher and Premu works in business/retail.
Lalitha is a psychologist and her husband David Oommen (Achenkunju is a businessman.
They live in Chicago.

V. 2. Annie, the 2nd daughter of Chacko poothicote is married to Cherian Jacob, son of K>c. Chacko of Kozhamvellore Kalikal Benglavil family. Ani, after her M.Sc. from Trivandrum University College was a lecturer in Thiruvella Marthoma College. They were for several years in Nigeria and after retirement, presently live in Trivandrum.

V. 3. Kochumol ( Aleykutty), the 3rd daughter of Chacko Poothicote was to Ninan Eapen of Thiruvella Kovoor Kunneth family. While they were living in Trivandrum, Kochumol was killed in motor accident on August 12, 1982.

V. 4. Thampi (Cherian)
Children: Chiku ( Chacko)

Thampi after his B.A. degree, had higher education in America. He worked in Nigeria also for several years. Now he is the Kerala area manager for Singer Company and workd from Cochin.
Thampi is married to Prabha, daughter of Devassy Ousep of Muken family. Prabha is also the sister of His Grace Dr. Mor Aphrem Metropolitan of the Caldean Church.
Chiku is an engineering student in Cochin University.

V. 5. P.C. George ( Georgekutty)
Ammini Kandathil
Children: VI. 1. Sabu ( Cherian George)
2. Lalu

Georgekutty is the youngest son of Manimalaparapil Cherian Valliappan. Cheriachen Valliappan had a son earlier by name Georgekutty who died young. So he named the next born son also Georgekutty.
He was in the military for few years and then he was working Ethiopia for 18 years. Georgekutty married Ammini, daughter of Kandathil Chacko Mappila.
VI. 2. Lalu is married to George, son Punnose, the owner of C.P. press, Ernakulam. He is in Delhi working for government of India.

V1. Sabu ( Cherian George B.Com.)
Soma Perumthuruthy Chiraparampil
Children: VII. 1. Sheena
2. Georgy.
Sabu is the chief manager of Catholic Syrian bank in Bombay. Soma also works in the bank.

III. Manimalaparapil Kunjummen (Kochikkachen)

III. 9. Kunjummen Vakil ( Kochikkachen)
Mariamma Puthupally Vazhaparampil
Children: IV. 1. Papachen (P.C. Cherian)
2. Kunjamma
3. Kunjannamma
4. Kunju Mariamma
Manimalaparapil Kunjummen Vakil is the youngest son of Cherian Valliappan. He is the only person in my great-grandfather s generation that I was able to see.
Kunjummen and his brothers, Cheriachen, and Payikandathil Gheevarugheechen had their English education in Cochin. Their father Cherian Valliappan rented a house and arranged for servants in Cochin for their studies. After his studies in Cochin, Kunjummen continued his law studies in Trivandrum. After his legal education, Kunjummen practiced law in Kottayam and Thiruvella. He married Puthupally Vazhaparampil Mariamma. They had a son , Pappachen and 3 daughters.

IV. 2. Kunjamma married to Avarachen of Thalavady Mamootil family.

IV. 3. Kunjannamma married to Varkeyachen of Kiliroor Kalarickel family

IV. 4. Kunju Mariamma married to Koshy of Chegannoor Oorayil family.

IV. 1. Papachen ( P.C. Cherian)
Saramma Varikattil
Children: V. 1. Leela
2. Kunjumol
Papachen was born on 1903 (ME Kumbham 12). He took his BA degree from Punjab University and LT from Madras University. He was a teacher in Singapore for few years. Then he was a teacher in MGM high school, Thiruvella. He was also for some time the manager of Decan bank in Thiruvella. He was a highly respected community leader in Thiruvella. He was a large hearted man who had the welfare of poothicote family always in his mind.

V 1.Leela married to T. V. Varghese Thukalan.
V. 2. Kunjumol married to Cheriachen of Ankamali Vayaliparampil family.

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