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The Very  Reverend Cherian Thomas Cor-episcopa  ( 1846- 1912)    and

The Thekkepurackel and Puthenpurackel Achentagathu Branches.


II.            Very Rev. Cherian Thomas Cor-episcopa  (1846-1912)

           Kunju Mariamma, Kanyanthra Thazhathu


Rev. Fr. Cherian Thomas ( Poothicote Achen) was the 3rd son of Cherian Puthenpurackel. He was the most illustrious grandson of Judge Kochitty Kuruvila. As one of the most well-known persons of his period, more about him will appear on the chapter om important personalities.


Very. Rev. Thomas married Aleyamma, the daughter of Puthupally Kanyanthra Thazathu Varkeyachen. They had 3 sons and 2 daughters,.



Children: IV

1. Cheriankunju (Thekapurackel)


2. Varkeyachen ( P. T. Varkey)


3. Oommachen


4. Annamma


5. Mariamma


(4) 3rd son Oommachen died young.


a.       Annamma married Gheevareechen of Kurudamannil family.


(4)    Mariamma married to Kumplamthara family in Puthupally.


IV (1)  Cheriankunju, Thekapurackel

            Annamma Pukadiyil


Children: V  1.  Cherian Thomas ( Kunjommachen)

                       2.  P.C. Jacob Pazhaganadiyil ( Kochukunju)


Cheriankunju was an agriculturist and helped his father in managing the family matters. His wife Annamma, known as Kottathamma was a tall beautiful woman.

Cheriankunju, the eldest son is ancestor of the Thekkepurackel branch.

      Cheriankunju married Annamma from the Pukadiyil family. They had 2 sons, Cherian Thomas ( Kunjommachen) and P.C Jacob ( K ochukunju)                                                 

 V.      1 Cherian Thomas ( Kunjommachen) -  Thekkapurackel

           Aleyamma Polackel


Children: VI:  1.  P.T. Cherian) ( Kochutty)                                                           

                                                 2.   Jacob Thomas (Baby)

                                                  3. George Thomas ( Thankachen)

                                                   4. Thomas (Unnikunju)

                                                  5.  Thomas Samuel ( Kunju)

                                                   6. Eype Thomas ( Kochappan)

                                                   7. Thankamma

                                                    8. Kunjukujamma

                                                     9. Pennamma

                                                      10. Achamma

Kunjommachen was a very tall hansom person. He married Aleyamma of Edathua Polackel family.


                                                              ii.      6 Thankamma was married to Daniel, son of  Fr. Berslibi of Karicot, Niranam.

VI.            7 Kunjukujamma married to Alexander Muthalali of Niranam Kanyanthra Pallath.

VI.  8. Pennamma.  Acquired nursing degree from Vellore medical College. She was matron at Patna and Assam medical colleges. She is unmarried and spends her retirement in Assam.

                                                            iii.      9. Achamma married to Johnnykutty of Kongalath house, Thiruvella.

Kochutty married Thankamma of Kuzhivelil family, Kizhvayipore.  He retired as superintend from a private estate was living in Erumali when he died.

VI.    1    P. T. Cherian (Kochutty)


Children:  VII:    1. Elsy

                                                        2. Susy

                                                         3. Lali

                                                          4. Jessy

                                                            5. Lillykutty

.                                                            6. Kunjumol

                                                              7. Achenkunju ( Rev. Fr. Thomas Cherian)






Among his 6 daughters, Elsy is married to Monachen Achenkovil Valakuzhy family

Susy is married to Kunjumone (Mani) of Kottayam Adimathra family.

Lali is married to    Mathukutty Vechuchira Vattakalayil family.

Jessy  married to    Jomon Erumali Chalakuzhi family.

Lillykutty married to Johnnykutty Mallapally Vadakakara  

Kunjumol married to Raju of Varayannur Vadakeparampil.


VII. 7 Achenkunju (Rev. Fr. Thomas Cherian        

   Susan. (Daughter of Mathai of Parackamannil, Vazhoor)

They have no children.


VI. 2. Jacob Thomas ( Baby), the second son of Kunjommachen was unmarried. He was a adviser and confidant of His Grace Kuriakose Coorilose till he died.


VI. 3. George Thomas (Thankachen)

           Annamma Ayravadakkethil, Kuttamparoor


Children: VII.  1. Santhosh

                    2.   Satish

                     3. Shini

VII.  1.Santosh  married to

         Anu, daughter of Markose of Mundakayam Eruthickel family.


Children: VIII.   George Thomas

                            Markose Thomas

Santhosh passed M.Com and presently works in private company.


VII. 2 Satish is married to Shini.

Vii. 3 Shini is married to Jolly of Erumali Chalakuzhy family.

VI. 4. Thomas, the 4th son of Kunjommachen was unmarried. He was helping his brothers in agriculture . He died.             


 VI. 5  P.T. Samuel ( Kunju)

          Susamma Puthenparampil, Chennithala

       Children:   VII.  1. Sam Thomas ( Kochumon)

                        VII. 2. John Sam (Shibu)

                            VII. 2.  Shiny

He was involved with agriculture and died in 2005 in Mepral.

Kochumon works for a private company and Shibu is in the Middle East.

Shiny is married to Sunny john of Kallisseril Padinjare Edasseril family.


VI. 6  Eipe Thomas ( Kochappan)


Kochappan has retired from job with the Assam government and presently living in Thekkepurackel...

He was very active in Church and was instrumental in building a church for Malyalee Christians in Assam. 

His wife Ammini is the daughter of Mathew John of Muthoor Tharakanveetil family. Ammini retired as a Matron from the N.F. Railway hospital.

They have no children.


V. 2. P.C. Jacob ( Kochukunjn)  and Pazhaganadiyil sub-branch

             (1) Sosamma Kodiyatt

               (2)  Dr. Aleyamma Shankaramangalath (Kunjaliamma)

        Children: VI.   1. Annamma

                                 2. Ammini

                             3. Ammukutty

                              4. Susy

                              Jacob Cherian (Kunjumone)

                               P.J. Mammen (Mammachen)


P. C. Jacob was very hansom, 6 4 tall , and used to stand out in any crowd. After his education in Kerala, he had further education in Calcutta. He worked fro several years in Singapore, then returned to Mepral to take care of the ancestral properties. He was first married to Sosamma, the daughter of Kodiyattu Mr. K.G. Abraham (Kuttiachen), and he had 4 daughters in this marriage.

After the death of his first wife, he married Kunjalaimma from the Eraviparoor Shakaramangalam family. Kunjaliamma was a good physician and many in Mepral are grateful for the services she gave to them. Kunjumon and Mammachen are her sons.

Kochunj appachen died in 1999 at the age of 99.


Of his daughters,

Annamma  married to Alexander Panicker. ( Papachen) of  Kundara Kampiyil house.

Ammini           married to C.M. Mathai of (Joy) of Erumali Chalakuzhi house.

Ammukutty married to Mathukutty of Kamalavilas Pathanapuram family.

Susy married Dr. Dutta. They live in Assam.


VI. 5.  Jacob Cherian (Kunjumone) 

.               Elizabeth (Babykutty)

            Children: VII   1.  P.C. Jacob (Kunju)

                                        2.   Abraham Cherian ( Kochumon)

                                        3. Aleyamma Cherian (Kochumol)


Kunjumone takes care of the ancestral properties. He is also actively involved in the church and gives leadership to others.


VI.  6.  P.J. Mammen ( Mammachen)


             Children:  VII.  1. Jacob Mammen (Shyam)

                                        2. Snaha ( Snaha Elizabeth Mammen)


Mammachen graduated from the Kerala University in 1971. In 1971 he joined the Central Reserved police in the same year as sub inspector.  For his meritorious service he was promoted as inspector, assistant commandant, and deputy commandant. In 1987, he received from the president of India police medal for meritorious services.  Presently he is the deputy commandant in Coyampatore.

Mammachen is married to Susan, daughter of Papachen of Mepral Polachirackel family.  



Kunju Varkeyachen (1876-1965) and Puthenpurackel Achentagathu Branch


IV.   2.  Kunju Varkeyachen  ( Thomas Varkey-  P.T. Varkey)) 

          Achiyamma Maret


Children:   V.    1. Kunjamma

                           2. Varkey Thomas ( Kunjukunju)

                            3. Sosamma

                            4. Annamma

                             5. Cherian ( Unniyachen)

                             6. Papachen

                              7. Achenkunju

                               8. Chackochen

            Kunju Varkyachen was very hard working person well liked by all in the family. People used to come to him to resolve disputes of all kind. He had a very athletic body developed by hard physical work and exercise training in his younger years. For an a man of his times, he was well knowledgeable in world affairs. He was a voracious reader. He had English education in the CMS school in Kottayam.

Papachen and Achenkunju died young


1. Kunjamma was married to Kunjappan of Kumarakam Vaippusseril family.


2. Sosamma was married to Kochunnoonni of Mavelikara Kottapurathu family.


3. Annamma was married to Baby ( J.C. Ittiarra ) of Kottayam Pulickel family.


V.  2. Varkey Thomas ( Kunjukunju)  1904- 1973

           Accamma (Kunjamma) Pullipadvil Theveril


Children:  VI.   1.  Roy P. Thomas, MD.

                         2.   Susan Thomas

                         3. Thomas P. Thomas

                         4. Sherry P. Thomas

Kunjukunju looked after the agricultural properties. He was also the first post master of Mepral.


VI. 1.  Roy P. Thomas, MD.

            Elsy Panampunnayil

Children:  VII.  1. Rebecca Thomas, MD.

                          2. Roy P. Thomas, JR. M.B.A.

                           3. Mariam Thomas, MD

                           4. Robin P. Thomas

VII.  1. Rebecca Thomas  MD( Reba)

             Michael Peterson MD.

Children:   Tommy



         Reba is an oncologist and Michael a cardiologist. in USA.     

2.     Roy P. Thomas Jr. M.B.A. works for insurance industry.

3.     Mariam Thomas, MD is a radiologist.

4.     Robin is student in college.


VI.  2.Susan Thomas

       Babu Kurian B.Sc. B.D.S.

Children: VII. 1. Dr. Sudeep Kurian

                        Dr. Anu Kurian

                        2. Dr. Suroopa Kurian

                             Dr. Kiran


VI.            3. Thomas P. Thomas ( Thomaskutty)

           Thomaskutty married Beena, daughter of P.N. Thomas of Puthuppally, Kottyam Parekulam family.

            Deepu Thomas is their only son and he is a student.


VI.   Sherry P. Thomas ( Kunju)

Sherry married Sujamol, daughter of Baby of Vakathanam. They have 3 sons,  Shawn, Shane,  and Sherwin.


V. Cherian ( Unnikunju)  Malasia

     Gracy, ( Daughter of Thomas of Valiaparampil family, Kumpanadu.

Children VI. 1. Molly (Achamma Margaret) married to Philip Oommen, son of Kanyanthra Manammal K.O. Philip)

                 VI. 2. Annamma, married to late C.K. Thomas of Vallamkualam Churilott Kuriyal family.  Annamma works for a Telecom company in Malaysia.

3. Elizabeth (Babymol) married to Engineer Shagher Mills and they are in Kolalampore, Malaysia.       

 4. Mariamma ( Alice) works for a marketing company in Malaysia

  5. Thankamma Cherian is a senior executive and director in a company in Kulalampore, Malaysia. 


VII.         Varkey Cherian ( Sunny).   

           Usha, daughter of daughter of Ninan of Ayiroor Azhikakathu.

          Children: VIII. 1. Angeline

                                   2.  Cherian

            Sunny is a computer engineer in Singapore.


V.               P.V. Chacko ( Chackochen )

          Thankamma Kaniyanthra Kodiyattu

They have only one daughter, Susan. She is married to Thomas Koshy  ( Tommichen) of Vadaparampil family.

They have 2 sons. They live in Thiruvella near Pallipalam.



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