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Achamma, Vallakalil, Mannar
Achiyamma, Puthenkavil Puthenpurackel
Children: III. 1. Valya Pappy
2. Annamma
3. Kochu Pappy
4. Unnoonniyamma
Judge Great grandpa Kochitty Kuruvila moved to the new house in Moonnamadham after the birth of his first son, Kunjachonda in his second marriage. After all his other sons moved to their own houses, Judgi Valliappan, his 2nd wife, and the youngest son, Kuruvila Kochu Koshy lived in the Moonnamadham house. Kuruvila Kochu Koshy was the only unmarried son, when Judgi Valliappan died.

Kochu Koshy married Achamma from Mannar Vallakalil family. Son, Valya Pappy and daughter Annamma were born in this marriage.
After the death of Achamma, Kuruvila Kochu Koshy married Achiyamma from Puthenkavil Puthenpurackel family.
Kochu pappy and Unnoonniyamma were born in this marriage.

III. 2. Annamma, the eldest daughter of Kochuk0shy Moonnamadham was married to Ousapachen of Kaniyanthra Valiaparampil family.

III. 3. Unnoonniyamma the daughter in 2nd marriage of Kochu Koshy was married to Pappy ( Philipose) of Mepral Manammal family.

Chavadiyil sub-branch

III. 1.Valya Pappy Chavadiyil
Mariamma, Sankaramangam
Children: IV. 1.Unnoonni
2. Mathaichen
3. Sosamma
4. Kunjamma
5. Achiyamma
6. Kunju Mariamma
7. Annamma
An annex (Chavady) from the Moonnamadham house was detached put on the land on the eastern side of the house. The eldest son of Moonnamadham Kochu Koshy Valliappan, Valya Pappy moved to this house, and hence the house came to be known as Chavadiyil house.

Poothicote family is ever indebted to this Valya Pappy Valliappan for writing the first family history book of our family. He diligently collected a the facts and wrote a very valuable biography of his grandfather, Judge Kochitty Kuruvila, who is the ancestor of all the present Poothicote family members. About100 years ago, he also recorded the details about the 2nd generation of poothicote family.

Valya Pappy Valliappan was very intelligent and hard working. He increased the ancestral wealth he received considerably. He also had chitty fund business.
He married Mariamma from Shanakaramangalam Edavamvelil family. They had 2 sons, Unnoonni and Mathaichen, and 5 daughters, Sosamma, Kunjamma, Achyamma, Kunjumariamma, and Annamma.

IV. 3. Sosamma married to Kunjachen of Mavelikara Palamoottil family.

IV. 4. Kunjamma married to Kuttiachen of Thatatadiyil Kunniparampil family.

IV. 5.Achiyamma married to Kurian of Ampatt family.

IV. 6.Kunjumariamma married to Dr. T.K. Kuruvila of Thaverthundiyil family.

IV. 7. Annamma married to Dr. Chacko of Adoor Thekkaveetil family.

IV. 1. Unnoonni Chavadiyil
Thankamma, Kaniyanthra Kovoor
Children: V. 1. Kunju ( Kuruvila Koshy)
2. Ousapachen ( Joseph Koshy)
3. Thampi
Unnoonni, the eldest son of Valya Pappy, after English education joined his father in chitty business. He also was the superintend of a rubber estate started by several members of the Poothicote family.
Unnoonni married Thankamma, daughter of Kovoor municef from the Kaniyanthra family. They have 3 sons, Kunju, Ousapachen, and Thampi.

V. Kunju ( Kuruvila Koshy)
Kunjamma, Ampatt
Children: VI. 1. Samji
2. Sarasu
3. Soumini
Kunju married Kunjamma from Ampatt family and they have one son, and 2 daughters, Sarasu, and Soumani.
Kunju was a famous evangelist. In one of his evangelic missions to Goa, he and his son Samji developed food poisoning. Every one in our family was pained to learn that Kunju and Samji died in the unfortunate event.

VI. 2. Sarasu
VI. 3. Soumini

V. 2. Ousapachen ( Joseph Koshy)
Omana, Kalathinal
Children: VI.
Ousapachen, the 2nd son of Chavadiyil Unnoonni married Omana of Kozhenchery Kalathinal family.
IV.2. Mathaichen ( Advocate P.C. Mathew B.A. B.L.)
Thankamma, Thevalakara Kaliyil
Children: V. 1. Babu
2. Sapru
3. Baby

Mathaichen is the 2nd son of Chavadiyil Valya Pappy Valliappan. After his law degree, he was practicing in Mavelikara. He married Thankamma from Thevalakara Kaliyil family. They have 2 sons, Babu, Sapru, and a daughter, Baby.

V. 3. Baby, the only daughter of Mathaichen is married to Georgekutty, the son of Dr. Puthuran of Ernakulam.

V. 1. Babu Mathew
Alice, Madathumvelil Kandathil
Children: VI. 1. Aswathy
2. Sudha
3. Renu
4. Rajan
Babu, the eldest son of Chavadiyil Mathaichen married Alice, daughter of Dr. K.M. Eapen of Niranam Madathumvelil Kandathil family. They have 3 daughters, Aswathy, Sudha, and Renu, and one son, Rajan.

VI. 1. Aswathy married to Aniyankunju ( George Chako) of Alumthuruthy Ayikot Mattackal family.

VI. 2. Sudha married to Mohan ( Mohan J Cherian) Kottarakara Aviott family.

VI. 3. Renu married to Anil of Kumbanad Kalamannil family.

VI. 4.Rajan Mathew
Sheelu, Palaparampil
Children: VII. 1. Shalini Mathew
2. Soumini Mathew
Rajan, the only son of Babu, Chavadiyil married Sheila, daughter of I.C. Koruth of Anari Palaparampil family. They have 2 daughters, Shalini and Soumini.
Rajan after graduating in hotel administration works in Delhi.
Rajan has the custody of the ceremonial sword used by Great grandpa Judgi Valliappan.

V. 2. Sapru Mathew
Shantha Kanamparapil
Children: VI. 1. Thankam Mathew
2. Tina Mathew
Sapru, the 2nd son of Chavadiyil Mathaichen , was a highly decorated officer in the Indian Army. He died in an accident.
He married Shantha, daughter of P.D. Chacko of Kanamparampil family. They have 2 daughters, Thankam and Tina.

Moonnamadham Sub-branch

III. 2. Kochupappi Moonnamadham
Mariamma, Kuzhipurackel
Children: IV. 1. P.C. Koshy
2. P.C. Mathew
3. Koshy Kuruvila ( Dr. Kuruvilachen-dentist)
4. Achiyamma
5. Mariamma
6. Annamma
7. Aleyamma
Kochu Pappy, the 2ns son of Moonnamadham Kuruvila Kochu Koshy Valliappan, was married to Mariamma of Kuzhipurackel family. They had 3 sons, and 4 daughters, Achiyamma, Mariamma, Annamma, and Aleyamma.
Kochu pappy was prominent public figure of the period. Along with KunjuVarkeyachen of Puthenpurackel Achentagathu, took the government contract fro Mepral- Swamipalam road and constructed it. One of Kochu Pappy s favorite past time was boat racing. He had a famous Parunthuvalan vallom, which won several boat races.

IV. 4. Achiyamma
K.C. Varghese, Ayiroor Kurudamannil
Children: V. Dr. K.V. Jacob
Eldest daughter, Achiyamma was married to K.V. Verghese of Ayiroor Kurudamannil Thenalil family. Their only son Jacobkutty was the superintend of Trivandrum government mental hospital

IV. 5. Mariamma married to Stephen Puthencavil.

IV. 6. Annamma married to Baby ( P.E. Eapen) Pallipat Kochupurackel family.

IV. 7. Aleyamma married to Papachen of Amichakary Vengal Puthenveetil Family.

IV. 1. P.C. Koshy, Moonnamadham
Children: V. 1. Baby
2. Mathaichen (Koshy Mathew M.Sc.)
3. Marikutty

P.C. Koshy was a sportsman, football player, and bodybuilder during his younger years. During his student days in Calcutta, he excelled in several sports competitions. He had 2 sons, Baby and Mathaichen, and a daughter, Marikutty.

V. 3. Marikutty married Bapukutty of Mallapally Vattasseril Paduvayalil family.

V. 1. Baby
Mariamma, Mallapally Kaiyaleth
Children: VI. 1. Jaya
2. Koshy
3. Jacob
Baby, the eldest son of P.C. Koshy married Mariamma, daughter of Chackochen of Mallapally Kiayaleth family. They have a daughter Jaya, and 2 sons Koshy and Jacob.
Baby retired as chief checking inspector for the Southern railways, Trivandrum division. He was a good football player and played for several well known clubs.

VI. 1. Jaya married Sunil of Thevalakara Kovoor Benglavil family. Sunil works for Singapore Airlines and live with family in Koiampatore.

VI. 2. P.E. Koshy
Lali, Puthupally Kaipanatt
Children: VII. Arun Koshy
Koshy, the eldest son of Baby Moonnamadham married Lali, daughter of K.V. Mathew of Puthupally Kaipanatt family. They have a son, Arun Koshy.
P.E. Koshy is an officer in Punjab national Bank.

VI. 2. Jacob ( Jeku)
Annie, Venmony Thekemalayil
Children: VII. 1. Rubin
2. Dhanues
Jacob, the 2nd son of baby married Annie, daughter of M.O. George of Venmony Thekemalayil family. They have 2 sons, Rubin and Dhanues.

V. Koshy Mathew M.Sc. ( Mathaichen)
Children: VI. 1. Koshy
2. Susan
Mathaichen, the 2nd son pf P.C. Koshy, Moonnamadham married Santhamma, daughter of Koshy of Chathannoor Thattarukonath family. They have a son, Koshy, and a daughter, Susan.
Mathaichen was a class 1 officer in the Center for Zoological Survey of India. Santhamma was an officer of the Central Government.

VI. 2. Susan is married to engineer Babu of Mallapally Modayil family. Susan works at M.A. P.T.A.

VI. 1. Koshy is an engineer and married from Mallapally modayil family.
Children: ?

IV. 2. P.C. Mathew ( Mathachen)
Kochannamma, Puthupally Kollam Parampil
Children: V. 1. Ammukutty
2. Moni
P.C. Mathew, the 2nd son of Moonnamadham Kochu Pappy Valliappan married Kochannamma, daughter of Ittyachen of Puthupally Kollanparampil family. They have 2 daughters, Ammukutty and Moni.
P.C. Mathew was a dental surgeon.

V. 1. Ammukutty married to M.T. Pappu of Thrisoor Puthukat family.

18 2. Moni married to Thomaskutty of Eraviparoor Edavamvalil family.

IV. Kuruvilachen ( Dr. Koshy Kuruvila)
Aniyamma, Nedumchirayil
Children: V. 1. Alice
2. Susan
3. Anilakutty
4. Elsy
Kuruvilachen was a dentist and a highly respected community leader. He was very active with poothicote Kudumbayogam.
Kuruvilachen married Aniyamma, daughter of Idichandy Muthalali of Chathannoor Nedumchirayil family. They have 4 daughters, Alice, Susan, Anilakuttyy, and Elsy.

V. 1. Alice married to Kochumon of Adoor Padinjatadath family. Kochumon is a an officer of State Bank Of Travancore.

V. 2. Susan is married to Thampi I.M. Joseph) of Thiruvella Varickat Thaiparampil family. Thampi was a naval officer.

V. 3. Anilakutty married to M.G. Joshua of Mavelikara Thoppil family. Thampi was a naval officer. They now live in Ernakulam.

V. 4. Elsy is married to Aniyan of Thiruvella Thottunkal family.

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