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Puthenpurackel Pulikeezh sub branch

III. 4. Puthenpurackel Chackochen
Achamma Uriapadikal
Aleyamma Chakalayil
Children: IV. 1. Annamma
2. Kochacchi
3. Cheriachen
4. Oommachen (Kochappy)
5. Jacob ( Kochukunju)
6. Avarachen
7. Chacko ( Kochu)
8. Cherian ( Kujootty)
9. Kunjamma
Chackochen was the 4th son of Puthenpurackel Cherian. He stayed with Cherian Valliappan's eldest brother, Niranam Valliappan, and had his education in Niranam. He inherited most of the wealth of Niranam Valliappan in Niranam and Pulikiezh. Chacochen valliappan's wife Achamma died after the birth of 6 children. Then he married Aleyamma Chakalayil and his last 3 children, Kochu, Kujootty, and Kunjamma are from this marriage.
IV 3.Cheriachen Puthenpurackel , Mepral
Wife- Mariamma [D/o Kochoikunju,s/oMaramon Palakunnathu Abraham Malpan]
Son: Chackochen ( Maramon Chackochen)
Daughter: Achamma
Cheriachen working in Cochi and he died at the age of 29. His wife Mariamma who was 19 yrs of age & pregnant when he died ,.They had only one son Chakochen and one postmus child Achamma .They were bought up by maternal grand father Kochoikunjuat Maramon .They were given one house to live in and once acre of land as a gift by her father when she became a widow early in life Soon after son Chakochen got his share of his father Cherian Puthenpurackal ,Mepral. Eventhough Chackochen lived in Maramon his house name was Poothicote Meprathu.His major share was located at Pulikeezhu, rest of his share was at Niranam. Chackochen was known as Maramon Chackochen. Chackochen married Mariamma D/o Ninan , Puthenkavu Thekkeveetil family
Chackochen had 3 sons. & one daughter
VI. 1. Kunjukunju ( Dentist P.C. Cherian)
2. Thampi (Advocate P.C. Ninan)
3.Abraham Jacob
4. Thankamma Married to V.G Abraham Omalloor Vadakkedathu Valia veettil Family
VI. 1. Dentist Dr. P.C. Cherian married Lillykutty, daughter of Yohannan of Kurudamannil family. Dentist Dr. P.C. Cherian was with the Kottayam Medical College for several years. He has 4 daughters, Usha, Asha, Isha, and Shusha.
Dr. Usha MD is the Vice Principal of Kottayam Medical College. She is married to Dr.Aniyan mammoottil Kizhakkethil, Thiruvalla
Dr. Asha works at Karipal hospital in Kottayam. She is married to Dr.James Neduvampurathu
Isha married Prof. Jacob Kurian of Vakathanam Onattu family
Susha John Thomas (Benny ) of Edayarummula Mappilasery family.They are working In UAE
VI. 2. Advocate P.C. Ninan (Thampi) marriedSanthamma daughter of Vallamkualam Vadakkeparmpil. Kurian.
He has two sons & one daughter
Children: VII.
1. Meera is married to George Thomas of Karudamannil family and he works for Cochin refineries.
2. Ashok married Ealu, daughter of Muvatupuzha Dr. G.E. Poulose of Kodaspurathu family.
Ashok works for MRF.
Children: VIII.
1. Syra
2. Nevin
VII. 3. Prakash married Renu (daughter of Babychen of Kumarakom Vazhakulam family.)
Children VIII.
1. Vivek.
2. Sneha
IV. 5. Oommachen
Achamma of Kottayam Adimathra.
Child. V. Kujootty
Saramma Melamparampil
Child: VI. Kunjujamma
Aniyan Mukkathil
Oommachen, 2nd son of Chackochen Valliappan had only one son. Kujootty. Kojuttychayan had only one daughter, Kunjujamma.
IV. 3. Kochukunju (Cherickel Appachen)
Annamma of Aymanam Mattithra family
Children: V. 1. Alice
2. Ammini
3. Annamma (Annammai)
4. Ammu

Cherickel Appachen s well educated and he made sure all his 5 daughters received the best education.
Alice married to Padmasree Dr.P M Joseph of chenganoor Oryayil
Ammini married to Georgekutty of Kottayam Thiruvanchur Kanakathil family.
Annamma (Annammai) had postgraduate education in nursing from England and she was the nursing superintend at Vellore Christian Medical College fro several years. Cherickel Appachen and Ammachi were staying with Annamma when they died and they were buried in Vellore. Annamma is unmarried.
Ammu was married to Kunjommachen of Thumpamon Karayathu family.
IV. 6. Avarachen ( P. J. Abraham, Pulikeezhu )
Avarachen Valliappan had married the sister of Yoohanon Metropolitan of the Marthoma Church. Avarachen Valliappan was very pious and devoted and he lived to the ripe old age of 109. Even after the age 100, he used to walk all the way to the Mepral church to visit the grave site of his wife. He had 5 sons and 5 daughters.
Children: V.
1. Chackochen
2. Mathaichen
3. Cheriachen
4. Johny
5. Joy
Eldest daughter Achamma married to Eipe Thomas of Kovoor Manapurathu.
2nd daughter Thankamma married to Kunjommachen of Kacharackel family.
3rd daughter Mary married to George of Trivandrum Ebenezer Cottage.
4th daughter Sussy married to A.E. Thomas of Perumpetty Athyalil family.
5th daughter Molly married to C.O. Kurian of Kavumbhagom Chethikadu family.
V. 1. Chackochen (P.A. Chacko - Late) married Pennamma Mavelikara Nadavallil (Late) They lived in Mavelikara.
Children: VI.
1. Aby Abraham
2. Valsa married to Philip of Kankalil family Kurathikad Mavelikara.
VI. 1. Aby married Kochumol from Karthikapally Anjilivelil family, working in Kuwait
Children: VII.
1. Togy
V. 2. Mathaichen Puthenpurackel Married Kunjamma Thykadavil, Pulikeezhu
Children: VI.
1. Rachel P. Mathew
2. Annie Oommen
3. Abraham Mathew ( Kunju)
4. Kuruvila Mathew (Kochumon)
Mathaichen after his service with the military, worked for the Pampa Sugar factory and Central Excise department. He was the Kadapra Panchayat President for 2 terms.
VI. 1. Rachel P. Mathew was a student leader and an excellent speaker. She presently practices law in Thiruvalla and Pathanamthitta. She married to Advocate Thomas Mathew of Payatukala family, Keezhvaipur.
VI. 2. Annie married to Oommen of Kozhimannil family Mepral.
VI. 3. Abraham Mathew ( Kunju) married Thankachi of Niranam Kunniparampil family Niranam. .
Children: VII.
1 soju
2. Sona ( Anju Anna Abraham)

VI. 4. Kochumon married Shiba (Daughter of Varghese Zachariah of Kuzhimattathu Parayil Puthenpurackel family)
Children: VII.
1. Anoop Mathew ( Appuse)
2. Anu Mary Kuruvila
V. 3. Cheriachen [P.A. Cherian] married Kunjamma, Niranam Mattackal
Children: VI.
1. Abraham
2. P.C. Varghese ( Bobby)
3. Sherry Cherian
4. Shaji cherian
5. Laji Cherian
6. Bijoy Cherian
7. Shyla
8. Sherly

VI. 2. P.C. Varghese (Bobby) married Valsa (Late) Malampruathu family, Ranni Mannamaruthy.
Children: VII.
1. Bony
2. Tony
3. Titta
Titta married to Sony [kottarakkara Aviot family]
VI. 3. Sherry Cherian married Nancy from Mavelikara Karuthedathu family
Children: VII.
1. Micky
2. Meera
VI. 4. Shaji Cherian married Julie Njaliplackal family Ezhumattoor, Mallapally
Children: VII.
1. Asha
2. Nisha
3. Joshua
VI 5. Laji married Susy Edavattalil family, Pathanadu
Children: VII.
1. Sherin
2. Sweety
VI 6. Bijoy Cherian married Angie from Ranni Anthiriyath family & residing in Atlanta[USA]
1.Aiden Abraham cherian
2.Caled George
3.Maya Marissa Cherian
Shyla married to Roy Chacko of Kuttapuzha Thottunkal family.
Sherly married to Reji of Mulamoottil family Kozhenchery

V. 4. Johnny (P.A. John) married Kunjujamma[late] from Parumala Ozhathil family
Children: VI.
1. Shobha (Rachel John)
2. Anil ( Jacob John) married Ireena [ D/o Kocheeppan Mappilai Kandathil family Thiruvalla ]
    two daughters Ann Elizabeth & Sneha Rachel

V. 5. Joy ( P.A. Abraham) [Late] married Gracy (Annamma ) D/o.Alexander , Niranam Manalel Madathil family
Children: VI.
   1. Aby Poothicote ( Jiju ) married Rekha [ D/o Dr. Titty K.Simon ,Kurudamannil family, Ayroor ]
                     Daughter:      Aleena Anna Abraham[Kunjannamma]
                       Son:           Alan Abraham Poothicote
   2. Alex Poothicote ( Jiji )
   3. John Poothicote ( Jibu ) Jibu married Lisha [panachakunnel family] Daughter: Evilin John
   4. Rachel ( Rohini ) married to Eapen Mathew Mepurathu family, Nellikamon, Ranni.

CHOCOCHEN Valliappan (III) after the death of his fist wife married Chakalayil Aleyamma. In this marriage they had a daughter Kunjamma and 2 sons, Chacko (Kochu) and Cherian (Kujootty)

IV. 7. Chacko (Kochu, Kaleekaparampil)
Annamma , Kallada Malayil
Children: V. 1. Dr, Aleyamma Chacko
2. Kochannamma
3. Lilly
4. Lizy
5. Chackochen
6. Baby (P.C. Alexander)
7. Georgekutty
8. Cheriachen
Chacko (Kochu) was a teacher in Niranam St. Marys UP School and he was well respected person in Niranam.
V. 1. Dr. Aleyamma was married to Dr. P. T. Chaco of Kumpazha. Aleyamma was a staff physician in several hospitals including Lizy hospital, Ernakulam. Presently she is retired and lives in Bangalore.
V. 2. Kochannamma was married to Daniel of Mavelikara Palamoottil family.
V. 3. Lilly married to K. I. MAMMEN OF Eraviparoor Kolathu Kondoor family and they are settled in Malaysia.
V. 4. Lizy is married to Kozhenchery Thervalil T.V. Easo.
V. Engineer P. C. Chacko
Lillykutty ( Saramma ) Vilakkupattathil
Children: VI. 1. Jacob
3. Sheelu
Chackochen retired as chief engineer from Pumpa River Factory.
Suma married to Georgekutty of Mavelikara Vadakke Thalackel family.
SHEELU- married to Shaji (George Varghese of THENGUM THOTTATHIL -Pathanamthitta)
VI. I. Jacob
Anita (daughter of Cheppad Parathunpalliyil P.M. Mathew)
Children: VII. 1. Sarah
2. Samuel
V. Baby ( P.C. Alexander )
Geetha (Martha), daughter of Paravoor Cherai Muzhuvancherilparampil M.K. Abraham.
Children: VI . 1. Jacob ( Shery)
2. Mary (Sheba)
Baby retired as senor quality control officer of Telco Company of Jemshadpore. He died in his retirement in Niranam Kaleekaparampil house.
V1. Jacob ( Baby)
Swapna Mariam
Children: VII. Alex
Jacob married Swapna who is the daughter of V.A. Eapen of Mallapally Valakuzhiyil family. Swapna is a school teacher.
V . 7. Georgekutty ( P.C. George)
Children: VI. 1. Jacob (Biju)
Paul ( Binoy)
Georgekutty was a successful businessman. Both their sons are engineers.
V1. 1. Jacob ( Biju)
Children: VII. 1. Praveen
2. Priya.
Biju and Suma are both engineers and work at Kollam Cavara I.R. F. company. They have a son Praveen, and daughter Priya.
VI. 2. Paul ( Binoy)
Children: VII. Ramya.
Binoy married to Sindhu from Kozhenchery Kolath Kidagalil family. They have one daughter Ramya. Binoy is an engineer working for I.S.R.O. in Trivandrum.
V. 8. Cheriachen ( P. C. Cherian)

Children: VI. Gigi ( Jacob Cherian)
Cheriachen, the 4th son of Kaleekaparampil Chackochen married Leela (Elizabeth )who was the daughter of Advocate K.S. Joseph of Ayiroor Kurudamannil family. Cheriachen was deputy director in the agricultural department from 1964 to 1989. He was also in Nigeria from some time. They have only one son, Gigi. Leela died in 1978 at the age of 32.
VI. )Jacob Cherian P - am currently employed as Senior Fire Engineer with Dubai World -at Jabel Ali - Dubai -UAE WIFE - Somy of Thalavady Amprayil( D/o George C Amprayil Children 1) Elizabeth Jacob P (Irene) 2) Cherian Jacob P (Iwin)
IV. 8. Kunjujutty ( Cherian)
Children V. 1. Leela
2. Annie
3. Swani
4. Lalji
5. Roni
Kunjujutty, the Chackochen Valliappan s send son in his second marriage was married to Saramma of Niranam Haripad Tharayil family. They had 3 daughters, Leela, Annie, and Swathi, and 2 sons, Lalji and Roni.
V. 1. Leela is married to K. Thomas of Thattarampalam Kottapurath family.
V. 2. Annie is married to Mathew Varghese of Arikupurath Mankidiyil Karikad family.
V. 3. Swani is married to K.V. Mammen of Kizhakekara Challavayalil family.
V. 4. Lalji (P. C. Jacob M.A.)
Molly (Aleyamma)
Children: 1. Dr. Sajiv Cherian
2. Manoj Mathew Cherian
3. Manju Sarah Jacob
Laji(P.C.Jacob) married Molly, daughter of M. I. Mathew of Niranam Mattackel
Pallthu family. He was a lecturer in Thiruvalla Marthoma College for
Two years and thereafter worked in Nigeria. He was very devoted and
proud of our
ancestral family.
He died in 1998 in a road accident in mepral.He is
setteled at Niranam, kadapra).
He has 2 sons, Sajeev, and Manoj, and one daughter, Manju.
Dr. Sajeev Cherian,is an opthalmologist.He is working in Madhya
Pradesh.He is married to Latha.They have a son Karthik and a
daughter Megha.They are planning to settle in Trivandrum
Manoj Mathew Jacob(thats me). He is married to Lenju(Rachel
mathew) .They have a son Yakub . He is into seafood
trading,representing a couple of European seafood buyers in
india.He settled at Eroor ,Ernakulam.
Manju is married to George mathew(a software engineer in Wipro
madras) .

VI. 2. Ronny, the 2nd son of Kunjujutty married Kunjujamma, daughter of Baby Mathewof Kelaparampil Thoppil family. They have 2 sons, Tijo and Tino, and adaughter, Tinku. VI. 1. Tijo Cheriyan Iype married SheebaChildren: VII. VII. 1. Akshy Iype Cheriyan ( Ampotty) VII. 2. Akshaya Ann Cheriyan (Vellu) VII. 3. Akshara Ann Cheriyan (Kochu)Tijo, the eldest son of Ronny married Sheeba, daughter of M.T.Chackoof Chegannoor, Ala, Mannarethu family. They have three children, one sonAkshy and twin daughters Akshaya & Akshara.Tijo is working an Administrator for Dar Al- Arkan Real Estate Development Company in Saudi Arabia. VI. 2. Tino Mathew Iype married Beena.
VI. 3. Tinku, the only daughter of Ronny is married to Jinu Panikkaredath.

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