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Kuruviala Kochittykuruvila Elanjimootil
? Polachirackel, Mavelikara
? Shanakaramangalam, Eraviparoor
Children: III. 1. Kochitty Kuruvila Kolankandathil
2. Kuruvila Varkey, Manalil
3. Pappy Peresseril
4. Oommachen Elanjimootil
5. Kunjoyichen Manek
6. Annamma Elanjikal

Unnoonni was the 6th son of Judge Kochitty Kuruvila. He married first from Mavelikara Polachirackel family and after the death of his first wife, he married from Shanakaramangalam family Eraviparoor. He had 5 sons, Kochitty Kuruvila, Kolankandathil, Kuruvila Varkey, Manalil, Pappy Peresseril, Oommachen Elanjimootil, and .Kunjoyichen, Manek, and a daughter, Annamma.

III. 6. Annamma
John Vakil Elanjikal
Children: IV. 1. E. John Kuruvila.
2. E. John Cyriac
3. E. John Philipose
4. E. John Jacob
The only daughter of Unnoonni Valliappan was married to the illustrious John Vakil of the Niranam Elanjikal family. John Vakil was great lawyer and church leader of the period.

Their sons E. John Philipose and E. John Jacob were powerful politicians and cabinet ministers.

Kolankandathil branch

III. Kochitty Kuruvila Kolankandathil
Children. IV. 1. ValliyaUnni
2. KochuUnni
3. Kunju Mariamma
4. Kunjannamma
5. Accamma

Kolankandathil Valliappan had 2 sons, ValliyaUnni and KochuUnni, and 3 daughters, Kunju Mariamma, Kunjannamma. And Accamma.

IV. 3. Kunju Mariamma was married to Philipochen of Niranam Elanjikal family.
IV. 4.Kunjannamma was married in Vakathanam.
IV. Accamma B.A.L.T. remained unmarried. She was a teacher in Thirumoolapuram Girls school in Thiruvella and retired as headmistress.
IV. 1. ValliyaUnni ( P.K. Unni)
Thankamma Peedikayil
Children: V. 1. Kunju
2. Roy
3. Rajan
4. Achenkunju
5. Rajamma
6. Susamma
7. Rosamma
8. Celin
ValliyaUnni married Thankamma from Muttatharayil Peedikayil family. They have 4 sons, Kunju, Roy, Rajan, and Achenkunju and 4 daughters, Rajamma, Susamma, Rosamma, and Celin.
ValliyaUnni after passing pleadership examination was practicing law in Thiruvella and Pathanamthitta.

V. 5. Rajamma married to Porunchukutty of Trichoor. Porunchukutty retired as the principal of Fina Arts College, Trivandrum.

V. 6. Susamma married to Bobby (Markose) of Kottayam Eruthical family.

V. 7. Rosamma Kuruvila is an advocate. She is married to Mathachen of Kuriannoor Thadithadayil family.

V. 8.Celin ( Asvathy) married to K.J. Philip ( Thampi) of Ennakad Kalluvilayil family.

V. Kunju ( Kuruvila Koshy B.A. B.L.)
Children: VI. 1. Smitha Koshy
2. Mamatha Koshy
Kunju after his law degree was practicing law before he was selected as a magistrate. He retired as chief judicial magistrate and now lives in Kottayam.
Smitha graduated in hospital administration.
Mamatha is a medical student.

V. 2. Roy (P.K. Kuruvila)
Soji, Nellanickel
Children: VI. 1.Bijoy
2. Varsha
Roy married Soji, the daughter of George of Kumarakom Nellanickel house. They have a son Bijoy, and a daughter, Varsha.
Roy was an officer in Merchant Navy. After retirement, he works for a company in Dubai.
VI. Bijoy is a computer engineer in Bangalore.

V. 3. Rajan ( Dr. K. K. Kuruvila, M.B.B.S.)
Children: VI. Susan Thomas
Rajan is a graduate of Trivandrum Medical College and he practices in Mepral. He is married to Remani, daughter of Thomas of Kollam Pattathanath house. Remani is a teacher in M.E.S. school in Doha. Susan is their only daughter.

V. 4. Achenkunju ( Verghese Kuruvila)
Mani M.Sc.
Children: VI. 1. Veena
2. Megha
3. Deepa
4. Unnikunju ( George Kuruvila)
Achenkunju married Mani ( Mary Kuruvila ), daughter of K.V. Philip (Kunjukunju) of Niranam Kottooreth Alapurath family.
Achenkunju works in Gulf and Mani is a teacher.

III. 2. Kuruvila Varkey. Manalil
Aleyamma, Maret
Accamma, Kottarathil, Puthupally
Children: IV. 1. Annamma
3. ?
4. 4th daughter died young.
5. Kunjachen
6. Achenkunju (P.V. Mathew)
7. Thankamma
8. Kunjamma
Kuruvila Varkey, 2nd son of Elanjimootil Unnoonni Valliappan, and grandson of Judge grandpa Kochitty Kuruvila was one the first English educated B.A. graduates from Kerala. After his graduation, he joined as sub-registrar with the government. He was an efficient and effective government officer that he was gradually promoted in his jobs and retired as the registration director of the state. The king liked so much that even after his retirement, the Maha Raja asked him to continue in job for few more years. He always traveled on horse gifted to him by his cousin, Puthenpurackel Chackochen.

There is a story about his monthly visit with the King. The king used to meet with all department heads on the first of the month. But all officer were to enter the palace after the king returned from his official visit to the temple. One time Kuruvila Varkey Valliappan entered the place by mistake before the king returned from the visit to the temple. The divan (chief minister was very unhappy and put a complaint against Kuruvila Varkey before the king. The king closed the file stating that Kuruvila Varkey is an honest efficient administrator who hails from a well known aristocratic family.

Kuruvila Varkey married Aleyamma from Maret family. In this marriage, they had 4 daughters.

After the death of his first wife, Kuruvila Varkey married Accamma from Puthupally Kottarathil family.
In the second marriage, he had 2 sons, Kunjachen and Achenkunju (P.V. Mathew) and 2 daughters, Thankamma and Kunjamma.

After the death of his 2nd wife, Kuruvila Varkey married from Pooyapallil Kizhakeveetil. They had a daughter in this marriage who died young.

IV. 1. Annamma was married to Avarachen of Puthupally Manalumbhagam.

IV. 2. ? 2nd daughter was married to Cheriachen of Chegannoor Kulakattil family.

IV. 3. 3rd daughter was married to Puthupally Memana I. Joseph.

IV. 4. 4th daughter died young.

IV. 7. Thankamma was married to High Court Justice K.C. Abraham

IV.8. Kunjamma, the youngest daughter of Kuruvila Varkey was married to Kujootty ( M.T. Kuruvila) of Manammal family.

IV. 5. Kunjachen ( P.V. Kuruvila)
Mariamma, Kannamkot Puthenveetil
Children: V. 1. Kunju
2. Sacri
3. Paputy
5. Lalu
Kunjachen married Mariamma of Kannamkot Puthenveetil family. They have 3 sons, Kunju, Sacri, and Paputy, and a daughter, Lalu.

V. 1. Kunju
Annie, Kaviyoor Kallumalayil
Children: VI. 1. Liju
2. Lila
Kunju, the eldest son of Kunjachen married Annie of Kaviyoor Kallumalyil family. They have a son, Liju, and a daughter, Lila.

V. 2. Sacri ( P.A. Zachariah)
Accamma Edathumpadickel
Children: VI. 1. Babu
2. Jacob
Sacri, the 2nd son of Kunjachen married Accamma from Edathumpadickel Family. They have 2 sons, Babu and Jacob.
Sacri has retired from P.W.D. department.

VI. 1. Babu Zachariah
Hira Parampottil
Children: VII. Abel Zachariah P. Babu
Babu is married to Hira, daughter of P.I. Kurian of Pulikiezh, Parampottil family. Babu has a diploma in electrical engineering and Hira has B.Sc. degree in nursing. Both of them work in Kuwait, They have one son, Abel.

VI. 2. Jacob Zachariah M.C.A.
Manchu, Panachmootil
Children: VII. 1.Gero Zachariah
2. Joyal Peter Jacob
Jacob, the 2nd son of Sacri is married to Manchu, daughter of M.P. Peter of Panchimootil Benglavil family of Karthikapally. Gero and Joyal are their 2 sons.

V. 3. Paputy ( P.K. Kuruvila)
Elsy ,Vadakedath, Omallore
Paputy, the 3rd son of Manalil Kunjachen married Elsy, daughter of P.G. George of Omallore Vadakedath family. They have no children.

V. 4. Lalu
K. George Thomas
Children: VI. 1.
Lalu, the only daughter of Manalil Kunjachen married K. Geoge Thomas of Karot Kandathil family.

IV. Achenkunju ( P.V. Mathew M.A.)
Ammini B.A. B.Ed., Ennasseril Ennakalayil
Children: V. 1. Anila
2. Anchu
Achenkunju, the 2nd son of Registration Director Kuruvila Varkey married Ammini, daughter of Vakathanam Ennasseril Ennakalayil family. They have 2 daughters, Anila and Anchu.
Achenkunju was working for government of India in Delhi. He retired to Thiruvella Kattukarayil and died there. Ammini retired as a teacher and lives in Thiruvella.

V. 1. Anila Mathew M.Sc. (Agriculture) works as an agricultural officer. She is married to engineer Sajan Mathew of Edathumpadickel Puthenpurackel family. They live in Trivandrum.

16 2. Anchu Mathews B.Sc., the second daughter of Achenkunju is married to Mathews George M.B.A. of Kollad Chempakassery family. He is the executive director of Thodupuzha Kulamav Greenburg company.

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